Choosing that Broadband ISP

Choosing that ISP for that very coveted broadband connection in Mumbai can be kinda tricky .

It mainly depends upon the area u live in, cost of connection, reliability of service and the availability of the Isp or the Cable guy or mostly the In or most used provider in your area. Some of the most common being:

MTNL (superfast 2mb highly reliable, prompt customer service but bandwith is costly and one has to watch that log for errors and yes there are errors)

Sify ( Service and reliability depends upon the area you live in)

Hathway ( Good speed lots of plans but pathetic Cust service and frequent disconnections in some areas)(Unsuitable for wireless net)

Tata ( Service and reliability depends upon the area you live in)

Airtel ( Bharati enterprise) : have got good reviews

Reliance Broadband (ADAG)

BSNL (out of Mumbai city limits) (no comments ) 

According to me the fastest most modern and convenient one in Mumbai is Mtnl which provides a 2mb line which is IPTV ready and best of all their customer service beats almost all providers hands down. But here are some points to ponder…

Surfing habits and Plans: Are u a chat freak? a surfer? a heavy down loader? a you tube freak? a video conference r or a mix of all of the above ? then choose a plan according to ur habits

In India unlike the world all isps cap ur broadband wherein they control the bandwidth or the tap.

Bandwidth: the amount of data that can be carried from one point to another in a given time period (usually a second)

Indian perspective on what u can expect

64k line – dload speed avg 6/9kbps max – very slow

only good for basic email casual surfing and chat but one thing at a time, just maybe text chat and surfing together.

128k line – dload speed avg 12/15kbp -slow

Good for email, casual surfing, a bit of downloading and necessary for decent quality audio chat .

256k line – dload speed avg 25/30kbps – avg speed

necessary for basic video conferencing

512k line – dload speed avg 50/60kbps

1mb line – dload speed max 100 kbps

necessary for hi quality video conferencing, movie downloads and multi tasking.

2mb line – dload speed max 200 kbps

necessary for heavy usage , superfast downloads , multi tasking triple play etc

Speed vs Download limits
V theory states:The higher the bandwith provided lesser will be the download limit offered by the ISP or Bandwidth is inversely proportional to dload limit.

Limited plans vs unlimited plan
Sometimes cheaper unlimited always on connections mean super slow connections with very low bandwidth and in worst cases a net connection slower than the good old dialup.These plans are for the type chat freaks and casual surfers. Most unlimited plans hav their bandwidth capped at a measly 64 to a somewhat ok 128 k/ 256k line so as to restrict downloads.

On the flip side the super fast connections have bandwidth caps in form of download limits like in case of Mtnl where plans range from 400, 700 t0 the popular 590 NU plan allowing 1 gb limit, after which u get billed handsomely at 1 buck an mb+ tax. Be prepared to monitor the logs or else u mite get a rude shock in ur next bill, due to that 800 mb -must see- not yet released in India movie, innocently downloaded by ur kid . Secondly as with over billing in mobiles they can double log u too sometimes .

Cost vs Reliability: Most providers offer you very beautiful brochures and attractive plans to lure you into their net.. literally.Worse is their marketing dept is always manned but the cust service dept is always short staffed or has no clue about the on ground situation .

One has to seriously chk out with them neighbors, or friends and if possible that pesky geeky kid from your area who lives computers.

Worse are unreliable dial up ISPs most of whom use coaxial or cat5e cables…ie those isps that keep having persistent problems in ur area and u are frequently left without the net most of the time, especially when it is most needed thus compelling u to dial up their area rep or unfriendly neighborhood cable guy or that non functional helpline just to give him a mouthful of wise words and ask him to start that line pronto.
Hardware issues
Cabling: For a coax or cable tv based connection the biggest issue is correct cabling and ducting, and mind u that cable is mighty fat and non flexible, much larger than ur regular cable.

For ADSL lines it is proper line isolation so as to split the hf adsl freq and the regular telephone freq, else u will get a proper buzzing sound whenever that net is on.

Hope this info was useful to u, so go ahead get that broadband connection!


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