Mtnl bill payment

Mtnl Mumbai has a Bill Check /pay window for all u people with net connections and internet banking.

If u r uncomfortable with paying the bill using the ecs facility this is the best option for u. U have to register here.

In a weeks time u will get ur passwd on ur email address and u can login and check the contents of ur bill and if payment is pending, later u have the option of paying it online thru their payment gateway using a credit card or thru netbankg using a whole bunch of banks. Ps u also get some kind of a discount using this method

Update : July 07 onwards if all u want to do is pay then u dont have to register, just try this link for direct bill pay

New Mtnl gateway

Gateway for Garuda Pmts 


4 thoughts on “Mtnl bill payment

  1. Hi !

    I am a registered user since long time.
    Its no use. Whenever u login & wanna check ur Bill, it’ll give u teh same message….Unable to provide details now…pls try after some time.

    Its waste of time. Pl dont recommend to everyone.

    Tks !


  2. Rohit
    either ur cache is choked up long term and u gotta use ccleaner or software like it or ur not gettin it right as the bill pay works perfectly with me
    plus u dont need to register – there is a nw direct pmt mthd

    dont knw about garuda

  3. I am not able to access info regarding bills
    any time after several attempts for last one
    year. I do not know what is the %age of
    people satisfied with bill querries.

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