The Mtnl Broadband 590NU plan

The most popular Mtnl broadband plan for net junkies is the 590 nu plan. At Rs 590+ tax at 12% = Rs 661 u get a limit of a gigabyte plus nite surfing free (2 mb line at nite capped at 256 kb during the day).

Sadly they allow unlimited downloads only between 12.00 at nite and 8 am, so one has to toggle the switch or shut down and switch on the modem at 12pm or 00 hrs and at 8.00 am. But how does one know what time it is on the mtnl server?

Thus to sync the clock i use the clock at the top right corner at mtnls mumbai server under check broadband speed.

I also bypass the password authentication at the router end via bridge mode and use a windows pppoe connection.

Plus a very nifty tool is Poweroff which schedules a shutdown/reboot/logoff/poweroff/Standby/Hibernate/Lock/Wake-On-LAN at a desired time.

Funny according to the chief engineer at our mtnl exchange who still lives in the prohibition era and does not really understand the term broadband, and rigidly believes in limits thinks that this is the most loss making plan as people over use the plan at nite , not understanding that this is the best bet or trump card MTNL has to starve off competition from the likes of airtel, tata and others .

If u have Mtnl Broadband Chk out my list of Must havs

As of now This plan is closed for new applicants .


6 thoughts on “The Mtnl Broadband 590NU plan

  1. Now they have started new plan in which the daytime download can be 1.25GB and night time speed from 256kbps to 2mbps but charge per month is about INR 850.

  2. The cheap stuff at the shop s not for me i kinda like to dload original unedited ones including rare movies mostly classics tell me can anyone get Seven Samurai at any shop? let alone a stall

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