Trekking Mumbai`s Roads and Trains

An acquaintance, who is a Civil Engineer with a leading Japanese firm and has traveled all over India, South America Europe and Japan narrated this to me.

During Indira times i.e. before laloo was active in politics , the Upper caste Congress politicians ruled the state(yes they did exhist).

The Yadavs had no voice or respect even if the seats in a state run bus or train were empty the yadavs would dare not sit on them.

They also say Laloo, with his brand of politics changed it all. He said to them u sit on the seats and let the upper castes or people he dubbed as Bhurabal, sit on the ground and if they challenge u, hit them on their head with ur chapals and no one will dare take action against u in my raj !

Thus he got them the much needed self respect and himself much desired rock solid base and vote bank. His M.U. or Muslim Yadav combination of vote bank politics became a superhit and he ruled Bihar for the next 10+yrs Bihar.

Development was another matter altogether, he said i don’t mind getting those schools, roads and bridges made , but with roads will come development and with it will come the cityfolk who will grab all ur land n jobs in the name of modernisation! But in fact roads were built , aid was distributed, charaa was fed… etc but all in books of accounts.

But 10+yrs of rapid population growth and no development took its toll on laloo raj…. He was, for the first time defeated by Nitish Kumar with a massive majority, thanks to elections after the midnight manovering by the UPA .

The left leaning congress serving Indian media has been rather too critical of Nitish Kumar and too appreciative of Laloos management style (of overloading freight trains at the cost of long term life of the tracks and increased risk of accidents) (and taking credit of some of Nitish`s hard work on rail safety funding) .

Things in Bihar are changing, aibit slowly these days under Nitish , who if this article is right is taking the first steps to slow migration of Biharis in search of jobs to Mumbai…by building high quality roads .

And from roads i remembered that our very own roads i.e. Mumbai roads and footpaths (except roads that are on hills and where property goes at 20000+ a sq foot at Nepeansea road, Peddar road, Altamont road, Walkeshwar, Colaba, Pali hill and of course Malabar hill ….Most Grade A roads) are the best for learning to trek and to Do Rally Car Driving

Why waste on those trekking groups, that offer u trekking and rock climbing cources? That too when we have our very own public infrastructure with various levels of difficulty!

Easy being the badly interlock tiled footpaths crammed with the illegal stalls or the slippery stone patches, or the unmaintained railway bridges at various stations which invariably have a missing step or two.These help in improving our ability at climbing waterfalls and forts.

…oops i almost forgot to mention the unforgettable ride in those badly maintained unlicensed Ricks in the suburbs.They will make u world class rally drivers .

If u want to practice more difficult treks I suggest trying to walk on the Footpaths routinely dug u for for cabling or cable repairs , mostly in market areas like lamington road, Chira bazar or Zaveri bazar or even Linking Road at Bandra.

And be an expert at trekking, goto places like Metro Cinema where the subway work has been going on for the last 2 yrs with no end at sight.

To build ur patience try the road to the Mumbai-Pune expressway. It takes almost the same time from the exit at expressway to the city centre as it takes for going from Mumbai to Pune!

Ok now for the tri-athletes, and our Cricketers, If u want to build ur stamina, endurance and survival skill try our rail our crowded BEST buses or a Mumbai suburban ride on a Virar fast at 6.30pm. I bet it will build anyones strength endurance and stamina and killer instinct, right from the word go.

We are proud to have a World Record on Passenger Traffic Density that is being broken on a daily basis. The trains give us free aerobic lessons during non peak hrs to free full body massages and Exotic scents (sweat transfers) during peak hrs. Ladies who are scared of the doctors needle – get free injection practice from safety pins, just ride the rush hour local.

For the young and the young at heart we have free lessons on hanging on fr dear life, rappling down rail bridge to get that 6.10 local , free style solo ascent and rail top balancing or trainriding (inspiration for chali chaiya chaiya).

If that is not all we get free live music in form of light bhajans and abhangs to heavy metal Religious rock too…

How i wish the BRO(Border Roads Org of the Indian Army)(which maintians most roads in the border areas inc Ladakh using Bihari labor) or even Nitish (if he succeeds) take over maintainance of our Mumbai roads, someday…

We have seriously had enough of the corrupt Councellors and legislators MLAs and Mlcs of all parties more-so the Ncp and Congress and also the Sena and not to forget our very own Latur loving CM and his pet the MMRDA and all those engineers and Johny Joker of BMC who are more interested in awarding multi crore contracts, than gettin them implimented Properly and on time.

Will the hi profile educated MPS like Milind Deora and Priya Dutt , who garnered educated votes saying that same party in centre and city was beneficial to the people.well do this and that .blah… blah.. take time out from their busy schedules and at least raise some embarrassing questions about the state of the Mumbai road and Suburban rail network with World Record continually breaking Passenger Traffic Density in Parliament and ask what is the progress with the MUTP n in which century will we get the more modern ellusive millenium rail coaches promised by the mrvc in 1999 ?

When will we ever get these (i meant the trains)??

Ps i didnt bother to even mention Govinda as he is a bad accident that happened to the kind souls of vasai/virar …

Caution: there is a huge amt of you tube video links that take lots of mbs ..that is if ur on a limited dload plan.


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