Avoiding Telemarketers

Tired of those pesky telly marketing people trying to market their loans , those good for nothing people who call at odd hours and pester u for that personal loan or car loan ? those icici credit card people ?

Here are a few tips


One must consciously try to prevent such a situation by avoiding the questionnaire trap. Dont give anyone ur phone no until absolutely necessary, use email add as a weapon, beware of the questionnaires at malls and exhibitions or at raffles that promise free gifts for your personal data.Never give mobile phone no to banks !


First time they call ask them ask them politely PLEASE GET ME OFF YOUR LIST! or PLEASE PUT ME ON UR DO NOT CALL/DISTURB LIST as I AM NOT INTERESTED.

Next time they call ask them about their personal details like what is ur name? where do u live? and if they are still persistent ask them who gave you my number and threaten to report them to their management, chief manager, CEO or any authority like RBI, this scares them
Lastly this is a sure shot technique to deal with that determined lady hawking u a credit card . Insist that u want that credit card at any cost but just mention that you are a student or a senior citizen….. she will keep the phone down in record time!

RBI has mandated that most banks maintain a Do not Disturb list, which most banks are enforcing online, but i still don’t know its effectiveness.


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