State of Brahmins in India

The govt of India has over the years singularly targeted the Brahmins to persue their social agenda and reservation policy be it for reservation of backward castes , other backward castes or even Muslims .

This has been happening right since Nehru (born a Kashmiri pandit brahmin) but a Socialist by leaning, and the establishment of the JNU and its band of Marxist historians like Satish Chandra, K.M. Shrimali, K.M.Pannikar, R.S. Sharma, D. N. Jha, Gyanendra Pandey, Irfan Habib, Arjun Deva, Musirul Hussain, Harbans Mukhia, and of course the well known Romila Thaper…

Time and again, the Congress, Communist party of India, and Parties like Samajwadis, BSP and RPI found it very convenient to dump all ills of this country and all their incompetence on so called upper class Brahmins , just to pursue their agenda of vote bank politics.

This is not isolated to the politicians alone, most media houses be it the Times of India, Hindustan times or The Hindu or NDTV also find it fashionable do the same.

A Brahmin by their definition is an upper class person, of high income grade and a higher economic strata, who has in past history subjugated and tormented dalits and lower castes and other backward castes etc.

Things now are changing and Brahmins realising that they are also a vote bank, as shown by the about turn made by people like Mayawati of BSP who would never tire of saying Manu and Manuwadi.

Nyways for a more realistic picture on the true state of Brahmins in India watch this video

Brahmins a Minority


3 thoughts on “State of Brahmins in India

  1. I do not know why we complain. Isn’t it a fact that Brahmins themselves are on the forefront of anti-brahmin or anti-hindu campaign.

  2. precisely starting from Nehru it is the Brahmins or mite i say ex brahmins themselves, that have doomed the community, mainly the communist types who try desperately to shed their identity or roots ..

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