Prasar Bharatis Survival tax

Recently i posted about DD Direct Plus shifting to the new satellite Insat 4b, the state of Prasar Bharati, and its total apathy towards making any serious attempt to get its act together and garner revenues, even after being the most accessible broadcaster in terms of its Eyeball and Eardrum reach.

The UPA Govt is considering imposing a recurring annual ‘licence fee’ of Rs 500 for each colour television set, and Rs 200 for a black & white TV, owned by consumers.

I for one am all for it cause (a) id like to see how the UPA will extract the 500 from the 3 story zopadpattis of mumbai most of who have color tv, cable tv or dish antennas (b) it is better than making the overburdened City taxpayer pay for it (c) people like Ms Nathani will start seeing DD programs and file PILs against all its programs for the 3rd rate programming! and get lok sabha and rajya sabha channel banned for violence or for the autonomy and restructuring of PB.

Sadly this TV tax will not be implemented bcause of the NREGA project and its backers , not because of the Aam admi backlash, and the hapless Taxpayer and the fiscal deficit will have to bear the added load.

Tv tax has existed in many European countries like Sweden and UK wherein a person owning a TV has to pay tax . Germany always one step ahead imposes Internet tax over and above the reg TV tax. Hey there is a whole wiki based on TV licensing.New BBC is a good example of how it can effectively be used.

Doordarshan, a broadcaster with a history of legendary programs such as Buniyaad, Chayageet, Chitrahar Mahabharat etc is now a medium mainly used to glorify politicians or show substandard programmes made by a relative of some babu at the Prasar Bharati.
Funny thing is that the revenues so garnered will go into providing government pay scales and other benefits for the 38,000-odd Prasar Bharati employees.
Read the post at the NI blog

Question is will the UPA ever implement the recommendations of the P B Majre Comm .


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