I dont want to go into the tragic tale of 7/11, as i think it is far too publicized in the media and blog sphere. Read Ofstumped NI Catapult

I dont want to talk about its victims their sense of helplessness, angst and suffering or justice or State and Central govt and Rail Mantralaya. 1

But as a Mumbaikar, it hurts somewhere to know that successive governments have cowed down (read) and as in case of the current govt which bows down to terror. Read Talveen, Ofstumped.

Who should the massive toll of the bomb blast be blamed on ?

Our heavily politicised media that pushes all the angst and fear of the Mumbaikar under the carpet called unflinching resilience , instead of analysing the real problems.

The victims for being at the wrong place at the wrong time Tax paying middle and lower middle class Mumbaikar who travels 3 hrs a day minimum from the suburbs to the city and back. Buys house on a loan and pays installments for most of his dignified life. He who does not fear death but its aftermath on his loved ones, and he who is not a vote bank and does not have a voice!

Central Politicians who say u cant stop the flow of people into Mumbai, the city that pays most of the country’s administrative cost, those who want to make Mumbai Shanghai, but do not want to invest a single Rupee in developing its infrastructure or low cost housing.

State politicians who are so deep in nexus with the builder lobby that they dole TDR like nobody’s business, without thinking about the diminishing green cover or lack of basic amenities like water, drainage or power in the island city to sustain this mad development.

The Rail manti who takes potshots at shivsena on bihari migrants but never remembers Mumbai Suburban, during rail budgets and is busy building more economically un viable tracks and trains in Bihar . 1

The unstoppable Vote banks, the Zopadpatti nivasis or Illegal settlers , people power that has made middle class voters or development irrelevant, a creation of politicians due to lack of low cost housing, the Slumlords who profit from this business, either Corporators or Mlcs or their croonies, or their communist messiahs like Shabana Azmi, who is an irony to me.

The Legal system that has failed the victims of the 94 serial blasts and the commoner or the politically controlled Police- that hasnt still cracked the case 1. Men whose primary focus is to protect VVips rather than protect the aam admi ..

Or The Terrorists who took advantage of the poor public in fracture and massive overcrowding in the suburban trains instead of targeting Politicians who get so much security cover, and on whose death one is sure to be punished.

What scares me even more that even after the much touted changes and the halo of security with the pandus at every station or the cctv cameras at places like Churchgate, due to the sheer inundation of public transport in peek hours even on a Sunday 1 2 , these terrorists are mostly unstoppable and they can do terrorist acts with ease and at will, as they have the backing of Organized crime, SIMI – pockets of logistical support and the scary bit is Mumbaikars are not alone, people in every city like Bangalore, Hyderabad etc can expect similar occurrences.

Is the Gandhian Strategy of Show the other cheek and apologizing and self blaming working? and to think of it ..whose cheek is it anyways ? Theirs (i.e. the ones enjoying spg cover and uninterrupted power) or Ours?


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