Do Educationalists suffer from dementia?

Kokonad on his blog Mostly pointless naively assumes that Educationalists suffer from dementia

Firstly he is irked by sterilization of sex education , rightly so but doesnt understand that most of India is agrarian and sex is a dirty word most practiced but never spoken about just like the villian Lord Voldimont, forget words like masturbation, penis, vagina, homosexuality etc

however next time crude indian slang translations should be used instead of foreign words maybe that might please them.

Further he goes on to link Sagarika Ghose (Mrs i know it all) Face the nation script. First of all i think she is a 3rd rate journo, who works more on sensationalizing things than finding practical solutions from debates and her panel is always loaded in a manner so as to help her derive convenient conclusions and mind u there is no shortage of stooges be it from the left or right of centre. and remember- its not only the Vhp, it is also the Congress and NCP, communists and islamists that also do all the shouting and opposing.

hey kokonad, just chk out my prev post on the fact that we are not alone. Be it the American Religious right or the Vatican or the Islamists of Iran or Saudi, there s no difference hey some are a tad bit worse.

The problem here is that India is a nation that has given too much power to the politicians, they fill every post with yes men be it the director CBI or the Delhi police commissioner or the Madam President or the director of a PSU or Member of the Education board . People with unlimited power including the babus want to control everything.

They dont want private investment in education, so that they can set their agenda on what students are taught,and that their foreign educated kids can come back and have secure future like Sagarika(Bhaskar Ghoses daughter) and Vrinda Karat. They dont want proper sex education lest it corrupt young innocent minds, plus there are vote banks to protect, including parents some of whom have little or vernacular education, and of cource the thriving seedy cd and book stall owners, and legit mags like lace and lingerie, debonair etc.

To answer the question id say not really, they arnt demented or dumb, they just want to save their jobs and climb up the job ladder, just like anyone else even if that means self censorship, or obeying orders. They are never given the liberty of being independent, mostly by board members who are political appointees having socialist leanings and have clear political agendas to cater to.Tell me isn’t our history more sterilised than sex education? haven’t our history books been sanitised of all the brutality of Islamic rulers lest we hurt the islamists feelings and the political vote banks?

We still have great educational institutions imparting world class education at a fraction of international costs , look at the IIMs and the IITs which are autonomous, and which are an eyesore to the current Education Minister Arjun Singh who would prefer to name them backward institute or mgmt and khwaja makdom institute of technology?


4 thoughts on “Do Educationalists suffer from dementia?

  1. [Update to my previous comment – ]
    As it turns out you did give me a notice about this entry. I am sorry, but I didn’t ever check the comments page again on Ankur’s blog. Thanks to Amit for pointing this out to me.

    I have deleted my Blog Reply to your argument and was primarily irritated because of the personal attacks you have made. Anyway, I am pasting the relevant portion here:

    Prax, parts from the rest of your post are the only things I really liked and I find a very valid point in (again, except the personal attacks you have made on Sagarika Ghose). In fact, this section actually strengthens my case, like I mentioned. I wholeheartedly agree that (most) politicians solemnly swear that they are up to no good. Their actions and declarations are (almost) always targeted at saving their asses in the career ladder. That was my point anyway!

    1. History textbooks have removed the sections on religious riots so that students do not grow up learning about brutal treatments made by one religion on another. It will taint their minds and give them a wrong image about humanity. That’s a good thing. But it’s not the same as sex education. No.
    2. Also, are you saying that since history is being sterilized, even education that can save one’s life should be sterilized just because it is taboo? SexEd is a medical, not carnal – and that message should be sent across.

    Don’t you think the politicians should try to attain a healthy lifestyle for the millions they have chosen to lead, instead of fussing over their personal material benefits?

    For the sake of clarification, when I said educationalists, I meant the leaders of the country who decide what is right for us (aka politicians). When they have taken the responsibility to lead the country, they should put that at the top of their priority lists.

    [PS: The login policy for comments was introduced because of a long case of internet harassment. Previously it did not exist in my blog.]

  2. well how is the attack personal?
    does the word naive hurt u? or the fact of my attack on Sagarika who seemed openly biased and her show loaded to me on many occasions? I didnt mean to hurt u personally sorry if u thought i did .

    on politicians ur right

    the sad fact is that we are dissuaded to learn abt Hinduism or Sanskrit from nehruvian times thru socialist writern content of balbharati and likes is well documented, this after Gandhi was a devout Hindu.

    Most media and politicians talk abt muslims being victims and the vote politics that shows them as perpetual victims of Hindu atrocities and censor atrocities on Hindus.

    No i dont believe that sanitising barberic islamic history in India shd do good or favoring minorities
    It will fan more radicalism- look at germany they have documented the holocaust rather too much, now with a big Turkish population they r really feeling need to integrate the population as done in US.

    i just stated that everything is ok if politicians decide – didnt reason that if history – then eductn thats why i said that desi slang would work better as it wd be easier for them to understand.

    leaders = educationists
    u must be kidding most of them dont have basic education .

    lastly we don’t live in an ideal world

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