from random gupshup

All Men and Women are born naked, thus post death their spirits should logically be naked, or maybe atleast auras of light bearing no real physical characteristics.

Then why do we find them with clothes on in all contemporary movies ? This is especially relevant in horror movies when people are killed naked or partly naked , but still rise up in full 3 piece suits or gowns?

Beats me


3 thoughts on “Why?

  1. if i am haunted by a female ghost in her birthday suit… i would be confused whether to run for my life… or to stare at the goodies… hence i guess the dress is to remove that moment of indecision.

    btw have u watched casper?

  2. Precisely i was also thinking of casper when i talked abt the auras but 3 am and writing make me half sleepy
    this came up on the narration from a friend
    There was a hindi horror in which some female is in a towel and she flashes the ghost instead of the bf who promptly kills her , her ghost appears soon enough with the towel on , a big mood kill for him- which seems ridiculous!

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