Mtnl Triband must havs

If u have Mtnl Triband and especially the NU Plans and want to work at top efficiency, here are a few tips.

1. Buy ur own Dlink router or wireless router dont take Mtnls router, cause the rentals can be recovered in a yrs time and their routers are purchased at the lowest cost to them. Make sure u dont connect any phones directly to a line before a POTS splitter.

2. Always use Firefox browser and use the Datafox 1.1 plugin by Brian available at (also valid for BSNL broadband) to monitor ur bandwidth consumption and not get overbilled.

3. Automate ur Mtnl login by using Bridge mode at the router end and connect using PPPoe .

4. Sync TIME with mtnl clock here, and chk ur triband speed while u are at it .

5. Beware of the billing and monitor your logs regularly, as it costs between 1 and 2 rs per mb + tax if u cross the limit.Also Nu plan users must break continuity – toggle the power or login again at 00:00(better slightly after say at 00.05) hrs and at 08.00 hrs (better slightly before say at 07.55) as per rules.

6. Expect the billing site to work intermittently on last 3 days of the month, and be especially careful about following the switch on and off rule in that time period, and especially on the 31st as the billing gets funky sometimes.

7. Keep ur computer clean by using Ccleaner , and defragmenting ur drives especially C: once a week.


3 thoughts on “Mtnl Triband must havs

  1. Thanks for recommending DataFox, I’m glad you like it šŸ™‚

    The DataFox page is here:

    (If you link to the page instead of the actual file, that will provide a better experience as users will get the latest versions AND the install process should be smoother since the site uses FF specific code.)

    thanx brian will do

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