DD Direct Plus Loosing out in DTH Battle?

DD or Doordarshan, the national broadcaster started the first DTH service in India with a good bouquet of Private channels like the BBC, Aaj tak , Zee Smile etc along with the whole bunch of DD channels.

They started with lots of promises and promised better content and future increase in channels and pay tv with good programming using cam slots etc.

read DD India

They used the SES New Skies Satellite Nss6 – the Satellite being currently used by Zee s Dish Tv and planned to shift soon to a local Satellite to save forex. Finally they shifted to Insat 4B recently.

DD has its financial woes but worse they have their management woes with over staffing, political interference, poor content and questionable decisions like the telecast of almost dead channel Jain Tv just as fillers.

With competition comes tightening and betterment but it is quite the reverse with DD , which has steadily declined after entry of Zee Dishtv on NSS6 at 95*E and TATA Sky (BSkyBs Indian Avatar) on Insat 4A at 83.0Β°E and soon to come Reliance Bluemagic and Sun tv in south, Mtnl n other Iptv players and Reliance also fighting for a share of the Mkt.

The degradation stared with wasting public money on 2 channels Lok sabha n Rajya sabha which only broad casted for 6 hrs a day max..on insistence of the current Speaker Mr. Somnath Chatterjee .What is the trp of Lok Sabha n Rajya Sabha channel?

Worse the babus stopped Zee dish tv from telecasting the dd channels Free To Air on their Zenga boxes using legislation reducing the DD viewership as a result of the Cricket match broadcast controversy.

DD news which was overhauled when DTH was first launched, has gone back to its old avatar as a political mouthpiece giving dedicated airtime to Sonia Congress and Communists. Most of the better reporters have gone to Ndtv Cnn Ibn etc. (not that they are not political mouthpieces). The English news reading Bhabijis (like Sakal with below standards phonetic skills who cant even read most things without misreading or fumbling at least once, let alone compete with some of the better private broadcasters) are back. I still prefer a few remaining good Hindi DD anchors like Neelam Sharma, and the DD Sahyadri Batmya which has still maintained certain standards for local news .

First they replaced BBC news with DW tv (channel is nice but most content is Deutscheland centric and in German).Then Etv Marathi disappeared.

Now Zee Smile and ETC Punjabi are also off the DD dish network , as is Aaj tak Aakash Bangla and TV9 as confirmed by Lyngsat.

The steady migration of good private channels from DD Dth network comes as a deathblow on the future of DD DTH as a commercially viable entity, and reaffirmed it as a national broadcaster wasting public money on party propaganda and and valuable Ku band transponders of Insat 4B on poor programing and repeat dd channels.

What is the use of so much public investment when no one wants to see most DD channels ? Who will invest in a dish and stb costing close to Rs 2500 + installation for channels no one wants to see, mainly because most regional channels and DD1, DD News are broadcast using tv towers, Ok to be fair there’s still a few descent channels left like Aaj Tak and Ht* and Zee Music for the South u have plenty of channels like Sun tv and Sun tv news in tamil (ex Dmk mouthpiece), Jaya tv ( Jayalalitha mouthpiece), Kairali tv (a Malayali CPIM mouthpiece),TV9 Telugu? But is it worth it , when god knows how many of them will go pay in the near future once Sun dth is launched?

Looks like Prasar Bharatis DD Direct plus is just another grandiose national waste of taxpayer money as i don’t see things changing very soon.

For the list of private channels on DD try Private channels on DD and DD Reschuffle

For alternatives read my new post Dth War and Alternatives to DD

* Have moved out of DD


47 thoughts on “DD Direct Plus Loosing out in DTH Battle?

  1. Loksabha TV is the only channel in the world owned by a parliament. The content is too good. it should be made compulsory is all college student rooms etc. for enlightening the youth of india and to make the whole young educated india a public forum for the burning issues facing India.
    DD please keep it up !

  2. wow:- )
    first positive comment for lok sabha do u want students to learn to act rowdy , bark at people and sling mikes or fist fight ? if not that that is when there is no controversy, which is a rarity and when the house is dismissed or not in session , it is a good sleeping pill for the insomniac.

    id prefer discovery or terra or history channel any day to it.

  3. i must say m highly impressed with the kind of home work that certain Mr. PRAX HAS DONE ON DD Technical know how n potential but i think he shud get his basics right in terms of commenting about DD front runner anchor sakal bhat . i recommend (strongly) the writer of that blog should first try n follow her kind of presentations n discussion sakal bhat does n then make a stong comment perhaps a thoughtful comment.

  4. shallow? mr adarsh
    sakal hosts sports news and man she speaks she miss reads most sports stars names that have slightest bit of complication be it from tennis or from formula 1 or ny other game than cricket(i have given up on indian team a long time ago.).
    Im concerned more about her English speaking abilities (phonetic skills) not the content.
    ud better research phonetic first
    Secondly does she really do the content … isnt she a newsreader ??a person who reads from a telepromter ?
    and if i need content id rather watch espn, id watch her if i need to goto sleep ..

  5. DD has annaouced like any polititian that no of channes will be increased to 50 from existing 33 (out of which most of private channels stopped its brodcast from dd dth) by end of june 2007. Now it is August 2007.I think they are cheating the customers like us & other who have trusted DD


  6. I agree to a large extent with the author of the blog when he explains how DD is losing out in the DTH battle. But, his take on the anchor Sakal Bhat is absolutely crappy.Firstly, Sakal Bhat is “not just a newsreader”, she has done sports shows like Mission world cup and is doing a wonderful job in Irish Summer as well..but then he’s perhaps so disillusioned with DD that he scribbles frustrated pieces more than he actually watches the channel.

  7. First kiran why give a fake email add?
    I did watch dd news when dd direct plus was revamped. She was a reader then and just started presenting sports. She could not get names right, fumbled at occasions and i found her shows drab and good to induce sleep. I mentioned her name bcause i think she epitomizes the current lot of dd presenters. She is still below standards.
    The fact that she is still with DD, when most good presenters like Elizabeth Jane, Anisha Nayar and Smriti Rao proves my point sufficiently
    I still prefer a rare few anchors like Neelam Sharma , Prakriti Krishnan, Saleha Wasim.

    Better still i watch France 24 news

  8. There you go again ! The email address is not fake.Dude, check your facts before you speak….you appear to be a classic case of foot-in-mouth syndrome.I’ll park the discussion here cuz its clearly proven by your immature comments that you shoot off your mouth without being authentic.As such, your opinions carry no weight at all.BTW,check the profile for the email id mentioned (or write to me on that address).

  9. Dear All
    Zee Smile and ETC panjabi has stoped by DD-direct but DD babu are not intrested to give any reasion why they stoped ?
    also they cheating with public becouse his test point will not active in any future then why westing the money of public as well as government by parallel running testpoint ? please stop this test point and save battery of transponders,save money which is use to feed signal in the sky ?

    to dd officials- we are not bevfoof ok ?

  10. kiran first it is an anon profile Mr ThisPageIsBugged! if it is real, then it is certainly the weirdest ive encountered. u amuse me,This is my blog and my space and i write what i feel like here.

    If u like her so much like most of her fans who find her cute and watever its ur choice- join her fan club on discuss tv , go there and do ur thing..

    without being authentic ? your opinions carry no weight — back at u – r u really authentic? and i dont need ur authentication nyways – as i get sufficient hits for my posts because people choose to – not bcause of compulsion mandated under law( like in case of dd and sakal)

    if a person has right to choose which channels shd be aired on dd direct plus – most people wd happily say bye bye to dd news and sakal! for better channels..and news anchors

  11. Hmm…yes this blog is yours but that doesn’t give you the authority to write rubbish about people.Better brush up yourself on the cyber laws.Sakal does have innumerable fans and she would definitely not require ur stamp of approval.My last post .Don’t forget to write me to see ur IP details πŸ™‚

  12. Now its threats! cool , my comment dont amount to slander, and is neither personal in nature, Sakal may be a great person but i dont like her style or presentation…. period .
    but ur comments sure sound like slander to me
    u need a lesson in laws forget cyber laws! i know my ip and also urs.
    looks like someone at dd doesnt like my posts ,
    Nyways this post is not on sakal,that is the last thing on my mind but on the direction taken by dd in general.

  13. I must give it to you..you do compel me to respond for the simple reason that you edit my posts and present in the manner you wish.”bhabhi jee” is not a personal attack on someone..BTW, still waiting for you to write to me on my “fake” id eh !

  14. well isnt bhabhi jee givin some middle aged lady respect?
    whats bad in that ? sorry if i hurt ur ego
    by deleting what u keep on repeating – the slander and the lectures
    but the name ThisPageIsBugged sounds fake or unreal to me.

  15. Please kiran go to discuss tv forums, that is the right forum for u
    and dont expect a response or a mail from me either
    ive better things to do

  16. Dear friends,

    Now I have sold my ‘Idiot DD DTH Set top box’ & I have upgraded to Dish TV which is giving me better satisfaction.My kind advice to you friends is dont wait for DD dth to increase its channels. Otherwise your eyes will be opened when you have lost no. of years of your life without any entertainment but with frustration.

    Jaago Grahak Jaago


  17. dear sir,
    DD direct plus is not a plus to its consumers. It is actual DD direct MINUS. Doordarsan is cheating public by repeatedly broadcasting false advertisements. They actually trasmit only 30 channels in variety. But duplicate 20 channels in rest from first. They are miss using public funds. We feel that it is purely based on the illegal adjustments between DD management & Other DTH provodiers in INDIA. ALAS…………… it is the fate of indians.

  18. Nicely pointed out – ur right there
    they have all ku band transponders on Insat4b at their disposal right now, bt cant manage to fill up even half the slots. While tata using 12 transponders of the insat 4a is transmitting almost 4 times the channels.

    Its a shame and a national waste

  19. DD DIRECT MINUS proved the efficiency of its DTH service in competition with other DTH services,which is doomed now & will abolish in near future!PRASAR BHARATI IS TO BE PRIVATISED FIRST & NO MINISTER IS REQUIRED.

  20. i think DD is not increasing its channels because there is great competition in DTH plateform many new are coming like reliance, bharti etc , although there are many channels which want to join DD DTH but other DTH operator will be at loss , so there is some kind of Lobby of Private DTH operator is playing behind the scene, as DD DTH when newly started was saying it will have 100 + channels but now they are decreasing ,

  21. Actualy, DD is cheating with all the DD DTH viewers.

    If you note, they are giving the oldest advertise regarding DTH including Zee Smile, ETC Punjabi and even BBC News also…

    Somebody must chellenge the DD in Court… or Consumer Forum.. right ?

    After all, DD is a part of Central Government.. and there is no lack of money.. however, they do not want to compete with other private channels.. why ?

    The superiors are been sold in hand of private companies.

    We are feeling shame on them…

  22. In a nation where most of the things do not go the just way, it is hardly a surprise that the public dth content is quite awful. Here public opinion means nothing, only vested political opinions are heeded. So, my friends i am sorry to say that it is a folly to expect any thing good fro our “beloved” political governments in the “farthest” future.


  23. Good news for DDD+ viewers DDD+ coming with more than 30 new channels like all assebmlys of state like DD maharashtra vidhansabha, and also vidhan Parishad and all state vidhanSabha!

    we can watch live session of our vidhansabha and new sports channel which will brodcast exclusivaly our Own game like Kabbadi and Kho-Kho


  24. Even the DDD- site content is also misguiding the people.
    I leave 4 to 5 email to the Prasar bharti CEO and also dd.
    But no reply at all.New music channel also taken away and replaced with Astha(Ha ha),bas Yoga karo or Jagran karo…..

  25. DD Direct + is too late start new channels & replacing his popular channels with new one from 2 year DD has started Testing Channel but now the time DD could not convert these test point to channel. It’s very shameless for india. How slow india’s Govt. DTH and its poor work.

    Paramjit, Anju, Mamta , Bikram, Rana, Seema & many more

  26. Hey prax ! Will u confirm that ddd+ going to close till december.

    dont know for sure, but dont think they will -max they can do is shut down the repeat test channels that have been unused for a long time so that some pvt operator can use them and give them added revenue – this would be too big an about turn, The current babus and the people at sanchar bhavan want a mouthpiece to rant about all the successes of the Congress led upa govt
    and nothin better than dd to do it for free!

  27. Disgusting To Prasar Bharati!!! The government is cheating to all our people in India. At first they promise and then withdraw all promise. We expect to government as Prasar bharati bradcast all channel what we enjoyed early (i.e. Star Utsav, TV9, Headlines Today, AAJ Tak, AAkash Bangla…..

  28. Sir,
    U have not extend the service of DD DTH so it stand for
    D for Dirty
    T for Torturing
    H for Habit

    M I Right

    maybe but dont tell me – tell this to dd people

  29. Hi Prax,
    What Happened with DD DTH I have dd direct+ since nov 2004. Till yesterday 12/11/2007 it was working fantastic. But From today morning all the channels are washed out. Even all the TPs are also cleaned up. and i am unable to see any channel so far. My set top box is in ok condition

    Please advice urgently.

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