IPTV In Mumbai

MTNL is here with IPTV, and so is Airtel- the revolutionary protocol which offers streaming tv with on demand Video, thanks to bandwidth of 2gb essential for its operation.

The cable guy relays multiple streams(tv channels) through a single coaxial cable in analog or digital form.As this consumes lots of bandwith, it poses limitations and in general degrading quality of each channel as number of channels increase.

Dish tv like Tata Sky or Zee enable u to directly pick up streams from the satellite mainly in ku band (as this decreases dish size substantially) but unlike the cable u can only see a single channel at a time thru a single stb on a tv. Negatives being signal loss in heavy snow rains or clouds.

Iptv works on similar lines but the satellite is substituted by the IPTV headend and the iptv stb receives the signal in form of data packets which it decrypts and converts to tv feeds. If correctly implemented, technically it is the best of the lot.

The Mtnl network in mumbai has had a sea change and the difference shows.There is no more disturbance and distortion and the line clarity has improved significantly. This is Mtnls biggest and most intelligent gamble as they can push broadband/gaming, video conferencing and IPTV using a single line. But the question here is will they be able to really popularise this medium and will it be robust and economically able to compete with other networks and DTH?

These days i usually see non encrypted tv streams of many channels like Cnbc, Aawaz, Ibn live, France tv etc on the net, for free.

Update for Mtnl Iptv

Seems that mtnl has got it quite wrong and it will for now be an expensive gambit for the user .

First Mtnl is only the carrier the main provider is IOL
Second there is a Rs1000 Non refundable deposit for installation.

Monthly Cost : 80 bucks as modem rent+ 100 bucks stb rental+199 tariff for current 150 channels pkg* + service tax. Total =379+ 12.25%=Rs 425 appx
*150 channels dont include sports channels like Espn and Star cricket. * Pkgs are subject to change if CAS is implemented


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