Being Secular

In India being Secular has a whole new meaning. I like Laloos style of uttering that word, Suck kullar, cause it is closest to their interpretation .

I found this on the google news aggregator .Each paper has its views depending on the political backing and moreso economic interests.

NDTV first calls her – Controversial writer Taslima Nasreen was attacked by an unruly crowd -criticizes samajwadi party n others except congress and communists, quotes Shabana Azmi then goes on to subtly deflect the whole incident onto the BJP thru the — exposed deep-rooted hypocrisy with regard to fundamentalist protests against creative freedom in India, a line also towed to by ibns sagarika.

Ht and IBN dont mention the word AP Congress which lists MIM as an ally nywhere in their articles and blame inaction on the Police.

TOI follows Reuters line of thinking

Hindu is confused as it doesnt get clear guidance from the politbureau, which itself is confused on what line to take, so they do the next best thing – quote yechuary instead read

The Pioneer is the poor lone pro right voice which gives us a good historical perspective – also a must read .

Best commentary was from Bruce Sterling of Wired blogs linking to Express article and Amrita Rajan of desicritics – an absolute must read , siasat and dna most interesting from Indian muslims whose headline says quite the opposite of its content.

Lastly here is La times and National Secular Society, UK s take.

All in all, Taslima is still not granted Indian Citizenship or permanent resident status by the UPA , which defends Suck kullarism as staunchly as their current matriarch who took citizenship a whole 15 yrs after marriage.

6 thoughts on “Being Secular

  1. Hey, Nice article. Liked your style of writing. Irrespective of hoe the media house paint that attack on Taslima Nasreen, all I know is that it was a shameful, cowardly act by people who claim to represent a religion.

    The way I look at these things, irrespective of religious affiliations, attacks and death threat on any person who holds views different from your is just plain wrong. Specially when we call ourselves the worlds largest democracy.

  2. ankur happy u folks liked it, its damn time consuming and man i get guilt symptoms later .. for doin this instead of better things

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