VOIP in India

Voice over internet protocol or VOIP is a net based is a technology that allows you to make long distance or international voice calls using a broadband Internet connection.

In Europe and America most new lines are SIP or dual lines which allow Tripple play ie voice , data and video , a model nowbeing followed by Mtnl triband and soon to follow Airtel and Bsnl.

Now if u want to save on calling costs u have 2 options

1. NET to Net calls or IP to IP calls where both ends are computers. Generally Free or add revenue based.

Using text, audio and video messengers like Skype (video 5 stars) , GTalk(audio 5 stars) , Rediff bol, Msn live (2 stars), Yahoo and others based on jabbar etc.

2. Net to Phone calls or IP to PSTN phone calls, where a person uses a computer/ ip phone to call a regular phone. Such calls are mostly on a pay based model where people are charged depending upon the country.

Easiest places of access for Voip in India are the sify iway cafes and other cybercafes which allow access.

Other way to do it is to buy voip cards from a host of providers like Mtnl , Sify (good) and Anyuser India(decent) Tata etc. This is preferable if u have a decent computer with a mic and hdphone and a sound chip supporting noise cancellation and broadband connection at home, but quality differs from provider to provider.

There are other methods like SIP based Vonage, but i dont know its legality under the Indian Telegraph Act of 1885 or the TRAI.


7 thoughts on “VOIP in India

  1. indian government has huge investment in the old copper lines… and just to protect those investments they want to keep india in the stone age….
    the routing of VoIP calls to the regular telephone lines is not permitted… so india is doomed to stay in the stone age.

  2. not really the market is open , competition forces things
    copper is not bad a medium
    in some parts of us/ europe lines are even more antiquated

  3. and what is wrong in illegal exchanges and landing servers?
    its a gimmick to fleece customers and make them pay 10-12 Rs/min which modern technology can cut prices to a tenth of these levels

  4. well the govt makes laws, not individuals
    wrong or right , laws without implementation are India’s way of doin things
    many people use vonage here

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