Chinese Toys

I read recently about recalls of chinese made toys by Matel,  and the Us and Eu working closely with the Chinese on that issue.

There are fears of widespread use of lead paint .

When a big company like Matel that makes Barbies is affected, my worry is about the cheap toys imported in large scale in India that has shut many Indian toy businesses.

R they really safe and has the govt any monitoring policy?


8 thoughts on “Chinese Toys

  1. Prax…they are absolutely unsafe as I have seen the toys . The parts are so tiny and they just get distangled so easily. It poses a major threat to little kids as they may swallow them or put them into their ears or nose. More than the parents its the guests who usually present these stuff to kids and its a big hassle grabbing it back from their clutches.
    If this is dangerous the candies that are imported from China are disgusting 😦 yuckyyy !

  2. they sell bcause they are cheap
    this current crash is almost twice the avg fall of other indices
    do i hear pns somewhere
    cause the sebi chmn damodaran is planning to register them as
    proper fiis instead of letting them under the PN carpet
    a first internationally

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