DD Direct Plus alternatives

As DD direct is going nowhere for the average cityfolk, who feel dissatisfied and cheated, here are a few alternatives.

1. Start watching video feeds over the internet, if u have unlimited access and a good connection

eg WWi tv Live Net tv Beelinetv etc

2. Switch to Zee Dish tv as it is the easiest switch. No need to do major reorientation of dish. Just purchase only the stb and save on costs of installation etc.U can also use it simultaneously with the DD stb.

Negatives: Quality of Service and of stb is not as good as tata sky , and people face picture freezes and clicks sometimes, limitations of channels and no cable movie channels like My channel.

3. Switch to TataSky which is based on the robust BSKYB network of UK, with a solid Thompson/Humax chipset.

Negatives: Installation cost, Monthly Running Costs, Monopoly Fears and no cable movie channels like My channel.

Chk out my post Zee tv or Tata Sky

4. Switch to IPtv wherever available.

5. lastly Switch to ur local cable operator if u can tolerate his disservice and regular harassment .

And then again u can also say bye bye to that idiot box now that the govt is planning to tax it too .

Update: Most likely the DTH mkt will hot up by yr end and lot many players are about to dive in, thus giving the consumer a lot more choice at better costs .


5 thoughts on “DD Direct Plus alternatives

  1. Hi, I have not understand your second option of simultaneous use of DD stb with the Dish TV.
    I have gone temporarily with the local cable operator for some months.
    Carry on such nice work.

    Kangkan Goswami,

    as the satellites are close by it is possible but to get proper zee u need an authorised conax cam or a zee box

  2. kangan u can use the same dish for both dd zee and now sun dth
    cause the satellites r all in a cluster
    all u need is a diff set top box and a digilink to share the dish between zee and dd as zee is encrypted wt conax

  3. why prasarbharti not to telecast the cricket matches involving “india”, playing india & abroad?
    why prasarbharti not on being to be added “bengali channels” in the dd direct plus channels bouquet?

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