Doordarshan Nostalgia and Political Speeches

During my early childhood, Doordarshan lasted for 2/4 hrs a day with News and entertainment, which was later on extended to 8 hrs a day(nothing at noon time) (i think) and TVs were 14 /17 inches ECTV black and whites. Life was so much better and simpler then.

National events or Major Inaugurations meant Politicians Speeches which meant bye bye to the favourite toon shows and chayageet and chitrahar, worse was when political leaders of the time would go on and on blabbering non stop with their rantings, and we would have an eye on the clock , and be twiching fingers as to when the agony would stop and when we could see the leftover of our favourite serials.

Long speeches meant death to fun stuff like Giant Robo (a big hit among kids) and later Knight Rider, Famous Five on weekends, Jungle book (chadi pehenke phool khila hai) on DD metro if i remember right.

The only thing worse was during national mourning when for 4 whole days we would have to go thru the non stop sangeet political speeches, memoir’s and then repeat doses of sangeet from even more besura singers. That was pure torture.Guess i subconsciously developed hatred for most politicians from all their hogging of the airwaves (dd came on yagi antennas then).

We had a lot of reruns of dubbed popular german serials like Old Fox, DDs comedy show and telematches. (Germany gifted us the Mumbai tv tower)

The choicest of marathi serials were aired on primetime when DDs programs stretched till 00.00hrs and then signal went dead. God, i really miss stuff like Hello Inspector and Zopi Gelela jaga Zhala etc.Not to forget Sagar’s Ramayana, and how devoted my mom got and how we kids liked serials like Wagle Ki Duniya, Karamchand, Malgudi Days, Udaan, Surabhi and Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi.

In those times a late show of Classical Dance / Music by the famous and not so famous Maestros and Dancers was popular(we were knocked out within 15 minutes) , so was the Gazal singing by Peenaz Masani. Those were truely Good times .

Infact most old marathi serial and later hindi serial and movie actors lived close by at Girgaon, Gaumdevi, Lamington Rd, Model House, Chowpatty and Nana chk area a stone throw from the Royal Opera House and Sahitya Sangha Mandir, including likes of Lata Mangeshkar, Durga Khote others like Bhakti Barve.

Now back to Politicians and Speeches

Did u know that to date Krishna Menon‘s (India’s envoy to the UNSC diplomat and politician ) speech is the longest ever delivered in the United Nations Security Council. On 23 January 1957 he delivered an unprecedented eight-hour speech on defending India’s stand on Kashmir.

Has anyone beaten that record yet?


13 thoughts on “Doordarshan Nostalgia and Political Speeches

  1. Hehehe! 🙂
    the most gawdawful old days! I had almost forgotten about them, we take the communication revolution and the private media so for granted. Good to remember that it would still be possible for a political party to turn the clock back!

  2. i have a post on that too but its in the making
    ill call it dismantling democracy block by block
    or is India goin the pak way
    that is when i get the time

  3. This is wonderful topic. All those serials and even the advertisements in the 80s still
    make me lost in the memories of yesterday. I especially like to mention few more TV
    serials of golden age of Doordarshan which I liked. “Mr.Yogi” in which late Mohan Gokhale acted.
    Also few more I remember are:-

    “Ashcharya Deepak” – A guy finds a simple looking lamp on street ; which turns out to be
    miraculous. And there is a “Rakshas” who obeys the holder of the lamp.

    “Yeh Kadwa Sach” – story about college drug addicts.

    “Azadi ki Kahani” – Was aired on sundays, based on the lives of freedom fighters. wonderful
    title music.

    “Kashish” – romantic story of a whimzical director played by suresh bedi i guess. Its title music
    was wonderful. I am still searching the net for that music.

    “Kaliganj ki Bahu”


    “Kile ka rahasya” :- My most favourite ghostly suspense thriller.Its timing was 10pm i guess.
    Its music was scary.

    “Rajni” :- this everyone knows. was popular TV serial of late actress Priya Tendulkar.

    “Show theme” – The only programme on movies/actors in those days.

    “Six Sigma”

    i feel like watching all these serials again and again. I am sure there are many people
    who would like to watch these yesterday’s serials. Some channel should start airing


  4. The national network in the early 1980’s displaced the local cultural life which the tv programmes reflected very well. In Bombay there were good programmes in Hindi, English, Gujarati and Marathi. I remember Adi Marzban’s hillarious Gujarati skits. Then there were Baban Prabhu and Yakub Sayed who did programmes in Hindi and Marathi. There was a good Hindi talk programme called “Ap ki Ray”, which if I remember correctly was the one which featured Kamleshwar. A F S Talyarkhan had his own programme called “Looking Back, Looking Forward” in which he sat and addressed the camera in his inimitable style. Sabira Merchant was the host for “What’s the Good Word” for several years, before the imperialism of the Delhi network ended the great days of Bombay tv.

  5. hey thanks folks
    dhiraj u added quite a lot to the list
    nishal wow ur era either preceeds mine or i was too young for that sort of programing
    welcome to my blog

  6. pata hey kya us time na serial mein kho jatey they maja sa aata tha !!
    serial aa raha hey to matlb wait karna (uska alag maja ),
    serial itna flashy nahin usmein dum hota tha !!!
    waise 90 percent after 9 serial mainey nahin dekhey jyada lekin jitna dekha refreshing and breather !!
    everlasting type they memories last forever type !!ageless !!
    even in the morning we used to see breakfast showbefore going to school shutter wala dayanora b/w tv hota tha lekin aajke lcd se jyada maja !!
    life was beautifull !!

  7. even i wished to present a show like show theme or one was form javed jaffery videocon something something i thought i put on a slide show on movies in presentaton !!

    how even moves transformed !!!
    and how we used have tickets in black ::::::!!!
    hukumat dharmendra starrer at dhillon now fun republic
    karma at batra huge hit
    and every trader used to be in the theator on monday (it was a off of trader )
    even malls etc killed small parchun traders !!

    serials : all were good even we used to see regional films which elder persons were jabardast bitha ke iska matlab btao !!woh jhalla jatey they subtitles was there but these were in regional languages !!

    even cricket was a passion i remmber mohinder amarnath was sacked time and again i was exceptionally small but the young cricketers used to have sympathy, even thought he can join westindies cricket team !!
    subah ek bajey utho aur oversees cricket test match tak dekhtey they dd par !!

  8. aisa tha ki :
    maruti aur ambassador, engineer and doctor (aaj bhi puraney sheharon mein hawa si mantey hein),
    dimag bus chote level par hi sochta tha shayad aaj bhi !!
    brands bhi kam hi they but some used to wear pepe levis etc !! or bring raymond wear !!
    crcket bahut kheltey they even football which is rarely seen!!
    ground hi grounds they !!!
    ber khao jungli !!
    ramlila was enjoyable !!
    kadakti garmi mein patang udatey they bilkul scorching maar deney wali garmi mein !!
    kadakti garmi mein 2-2 rupya contibute kar match kheltey they !!!
    winner will take the ball leather !!usi 2-2 rupya ki contribution se aayee !!

    padhney waley ko ijjat ki najaron se dekha jata thoda kum ko yeh kya karega bechara karkey !!
    mujhey aajtak chemistry ke equation balance karna nahin aaya pata nahn kya hota tha !!
    itney mehnati balak hotey they ki kya btaun studies ke bal par hi example: ek baar 2 freinds ki books gum ho gayee anand vats and vikas yadav!! ab hmarey pass two thi !! i was asked to help
    they tear apart my book from inbetween half was shared by both for exams then they gave me back with self binding the book in the condition better than i handled !!

  9. hi.YE jo seriel ke nam bataye ye to bahot shandar the hi par
    me kuchh aur achchhe seriels ke nam jodna chahta hu,jo ki me aaj college students ko examples de de ke batabata hu.
    ak vo achchha sa seriel jisme PAST & FUTURE me chale jate the bachche.shayadnam tha “INDRADHANUSH”

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