Role models and Hypocracy

I can never understand why most patriotic filmi role models who are known hypocrites are so revered in the media and in real life by most people. To give u an example :-
In hollywood we have

Frank Sinatra and his connections with the mob

John Wayne : A man who was known for being macho and manly war hero on screen in big world war movies veteran in real life dodged being drafted in the real world war 2.

Harrison Ford : Also a lead actor in countless war movies avoided being drafted in the vietnam war sighting being anti war, so as to persue his career.

In our good old Bollywood we also have no shortages of bad boys either , who act like saints but have had connections with the underworld.

Yusuf(Dilip Kumar) : The Actor who openly hobnobbed with the criminals like Haji Mastan and Karim Lala.

Mehmood : The Actor who openly hobnobbed with D

Sanjay Dutt : The bad boy who did drugs, mixed with the D gang and worse he glorified gangsters in his movies.Im not mentioning that he escaped TADA just because of his high contacts and his fathers political status and look at him now, he is the much revered Munnabhai who can do no wrong. To be fair he atleast admited his guilt in public, but in my view he got off easy.

Salman Khan : The bad boy of bollywood who is currently in the news– need i say more?


One thought on “Role models and Hypocracy

  1. This must be big list.
    I myself know some more..
    1) jonny leaver
    2) mandakini
    3) monika bedi

    agreed but hey they were never perceived to be role models !

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