Tata Sky or ZEE Dish TV?

Here is the big question for paid DTH. What would u choose Tata Sky or ZEE Dish TV? From my enquirers id suggest

Zee Dish tv if ur into Zee channels or regional language channels as zee certainly offers better options via regional packs and u can get dds free channels.Their maxi plan costs Rs 300 a month. Overall Zee outscores in customised regional pkgs as they have many plans and lower installation costs. Negatives being bad to pathetic customer service and a lower quality zenga box having some complaints of clicks and freezes.

Tata sky gives u no choice, its either take the whole bunch, as in SUPER SAVER PACK that costs Rs 300 a month or the FAMILY PACK at 250 a month, and does not offer specific regional pkgs .Tata insist on the rigid installation, registration and activation requirements and charge u Rs 1000 extra for warranty, and if u move house it means another 1000 bucks or u loose warranty.Tata has better rugged hardware with the well known Humax boxes and decent customer service, but lacks the pkg flexibility of Zee. Right now, i recommend Tata Sky over Zee as u get better channels at the same cost.


You could put a hold on your decision that is especially if u live in the south as most likely sun will launch by december by new yr there will be more competition.


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