Technology – A Supreme Leveler!

Technology is truly a Supreme leveler, as shown by cracking of most encryption codes and barriers put up by most big corporates, Governments and MNCs . Be it the DVD code breaking DeCSS by Jon or Cracking the Region code lock on ur DVD players or extracting songs from the Drm encrypted files sold online or cracking of filters or just plain bypassing the ban on the blogs by our very own UPA Govt.

Man(woman included) has time and again shown that he is an innovative creature. It is in his nature to strive and to tide over all barriers to achieve his goals. But thanks to technology the nearly impossible task of beating the big bully with unlimited resources has become a lot easier now than ever before. But one thing is for sure, the big arrogant corporations never learn!

On this very note, u all must be knowing that finally the Apple Iphone has been hacked or unlocked by not 1 but at least three teams / entities within two months of its release.
The most interesting one being the brilliant 17 yr old George Hotz, who put up his unique method of just how he bypassed the ATnT monopoly on his blog for free. Thanx to him the Iphone sales might just go up along with the Apple Stock price. Here is the you tube video of his interview.


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