ICICI bank Customer Woes!

Ive heard seen and sometimes faced first hand the woes faced by many customers of Icici group. Now ICICI is no tiny bank but the second largest and fastest growing bank- second only to the government mammoth SBI. It has a mammoth customer base. But i still dont understand how they retain it, even after the woes people face. I sometimes wonder if it works on old Barnum phrase, like a never ending pyramid or ponzi scheme.

Be it a hassled icici credit card owner or a person facing problems getting statements or gettin overcharged by icici direct or a man in need of that coveted atm Debit card or chq book delivered to god alone knows where , ICICI never disappoints … to disappoint. I thought i was .. a rarity – lucky as a privileged customer to never have faced problems with that bank , but alas it was not to last.

I needed to open 6 deposits recently and oh my! the problems i had to face even after the staff was good and cooperative , i had to provide them with the works from id proof to a dozen photos (for 2 holders). If that was not enough , my mum got a phone call from a rep … that too on Sunday noon , who spoke so fast and in an english dialect so alien, that she was stumped!

Today some strongman popped at my house, i wondered is he a dreaded collection agent ?…but then again i, like mr kamat didnt take any loan from Icici, then why …

Finally he looked menacingly at me and popped questions in a rapidfire style- Mr, r u … so n so and can i see ur passport? and introduced himself as an Icici dsa agent to verify KYC norms.

I thought what the hell!… this a new low for ICICI i heard them hassling debtors but now they also seem to hassle Creditors! (ok i confess … this is still not that bad and i can live with it considering- its ICICI after all but as a shareholder i shudder to think)


6 thoughts on “ICICI bank Customer Woes!

  1. i told him who i was and that i had given all necessary docs and that the policy of the bank was intimidating and he shouldnt expect me to show him all the docs again and id be happy to take my deposits elsewhere..

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