Cheap Air tickets

The intense competition n airwars between all players like Indian, Jet, Spicejet, Go Air, Kingfisher and Air Deccan, has meant an overall fall in fares and a new class of budget travel.Most airlines have started selling their tickets online and there is intense competition among trip makers and package tour operators to give u as they say the biggest bang for the buck.Most preferable domestic airlines being Jet and Kingfisher.

On the International front most international airlines like British, Lufthansa, Austrian, Emirates, Air India and even Jet airways nowadays have their online booking services.

The most preferable booking agents for both National and International tickets and package tours are definitely Yatra and Make my trip.The old timers like Thomas cook already having a solid retail and corporate business are also catching up and are a worth a visit.

If u want the cheapest fare, the best thing to do before booking is to compare the fares offered online, with sites like Yatra and lastly with that neighborhood discount travel agent, cause u may never know who offers u the best deal.

Dont forget to read the Airfareguide.

If ur a student get ur international student id done and dont forget to ask for ur student discount to an agent as most airlines offer student discounts.

If u thought that Online direct ticketing through the airline should give u the lowest airfare then ur so sadly mistaken. Secondly a negative with online direct ticketing is that u cannot hold /reserve a ticket till ur health insurance n visa formalities are done with plus the added trouble of going to the office of the airline.

Other than the airline sites, sites to chk out ur ticket status and itinerary are:

Galelios Viewtrip

Galelios MTAM

Amadeus Check my Trip

And if u dont plan to fly u can always listin to Sinatras- Come fly with me, lets fly, lets fly away


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