Mumbai Bandh?

The PM M Singh is coming to Mumbai today to inaugurate the tps3 and 4 plants at Trombay, supposedly with 400 crores of public money (small crumbs if u compare it with actually what Mumbai will really get and the tax we pay, mumbai is the biggest taxpayer anyways).The press doesn’t seem interested in him and are busy covering Salman Khan.

He will have his retinue of at least 25 cars with jammers, spg, comando vehicle police patrol and other vehicles comprising his 3 tier security … second only to u know whom.
That means the main arterial roads between the Airport and Mantralaya Chembur and probably the plush Sahyadri at Malabar hill will would most likely be almost shut for 4 hrs minimum during his up and down journeys. U will face Nakabandi and police at every road corner, threatening the people who wants to cross the road and treating every mumbaikar (including the minority mumbaikar) as a potential terrorist with their verbal affection (Aee… M***B*** kuthe zatos? Mahiti nahi ka nakabandi ahe!) (come on their jobs are on the line). Expect Worli Naka and area near the race cource and Mahalaxmi traffic to be jammed for a very long time.No wonder Nitas post holds most good now.

The positive is that some of the neglected roads will finally be cleared of hawkers for the day, cleaned and spruced up and potholes filled.

7 thoughts on “Mumbai Bandh?

  1. Hey there! Thanks for mentioning me in your post.
    Well, perhaps this much security is necessary for the PM. But i have another idea. ๐Ÿ™‚ Perhaps he should come in disguise so that no one will know who he is…if no one knows who he is, there’s no need for any security. Just joking ofcourse. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Sorry nita i dont think he needs such security
    first of all our politicians live in a colonial mentality and mindset
    all the security cant prevent anyone with a will and a good plan. Plus he is so chicken from the way his govt has dealt with the naxal and terrorists.

    I had gone once to meet someone at prabhadevi and had seen the entourage of the VPresident and i dont think this kinda security is justified – 8 new skodas for friends and family with wierd numberplates – police vans – jammers – a whole batallion of police in 2 truck doin nothing (cursing their fate) say 50+ people at least protecting a 70 yr old senior citizen
    r they necessary to secure him or to prevent a mini riot? just imagine what the pm and super pm would get as security -at least 2 times his cover – a mini army at guard on taxpayers money…

    have u ever seen the entourage of the british pm?? i had once seen it on the bbc when the parliament had just opened – it consisted then of 2 siren bikes clearing traffic pms car and 2 patrol cars one in front and one behind that too moving thru normal traffic .
    here they block traffic for hours on end in wait for the pm

  3. I agree with you, he doesn’t need that kind of security. There was a joke- when two girls broke the security cordon of the Prime minister and entered his house last year, he was upset with the media. He complained- for the first time somebody came to my house, before visiting 10 Janpath and you scare them away :).
    Spare a thought for the Delhi wallas who have these VVIPs all over the city.

  4. yes i do, it is sad , what we have to endure 10 times a yr is their daily problem but hey i heard that they are well accustomed of the schedules of netas, one more reason delhi cant catch up with mumbais speed of life
    for a mumbaikar every minute counts and 2 to 3 hrs is like eternity
    Delhi has its perks like heavily subsidised underground railways.
    Mumbai has only promises of improvement in our rail network which are seldom fulfilled.

  5. yeah, perhaps you guys are right! guess I have a soft corner for the PM!
    btw prax, this was the first time I got a trackback from you. You had mentioned that I had got one earlier, but that is not the case. I think your trackback possibly went into spam. I get so much spam, 400 to 500 a day, sometimes even 800 to 900, that even though I do check, some decent comment or trackback slips away!

  6. Nita,
    hmm mostly it went into spam nyways no regrets will post again

    On the PM he needs protection from his friends, his godmother and allys more that from the common man.

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