Communication revolution in India.

Caution : this is a boring post

Communication over Internet has gone full circle from the days of the ARPANET to the Hayes Smartmodem running at 300bps in the 80s to the 56 k Rockwell modems in the early 2000s and the recent DSL and Cable lines running at 2 mbps that have come to our homes.

We now relay voice and video over the a medium first meant to transmit data over old fashioned Pstn lines, meant for voice communication.

This revolution would not be possible in India, if not for the foresight of Rajiv Gandhi and Sam Pitrodas labour in the 80s and the opening up of the Internet from the repressive provisions of Indian Telegraph Act of 1885 by Vajpayees – BJP Govt with the late telecom minister Pramod Mahajan which ushered in a Mobile Telecom and Internet revolution by allowing private players including the Airtel Bharatis, Hutch Essar and of cource the controvercial Reliance, Isps like Sify and Dishnet to operate along with MTNL and the monopoly gateway VSNL which was later disinvested and taken over by Tatas.

Thanks to that effort we are now proud of our Tech service and BPO sector which took full advantage of that opening up.

I remember vividly the first modem i had seen was the 24000 bps Hayes and marvelled at the 1mb large form factor harddisk on the school server and the 1X Sony Cd drive which then costed like Rs 22000.Plus those times the in games used to be pacman and snake and i still enjoy them.

From Email to BBS to Usenets and ICQ to Web based mail like Hotmail to text chat to IM or instant messengers , to Blogging and you tube , it has touched all our lives and brought people closer.

Now im waiting for a new revolution that is freeing up the sky.What i mean is the DTH / Satelite or the Media Revolution, somewhat on the lines of US, UK Europe and South east asian countries like Thailand where people get to see some good programing on an add based revenue model.

Doesnt seem much likely in the near future, if we look at Mr Dasmunshi s record as the minister but i as a positive person am still hopeful that in the future we shall have something on these lines.


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