Victoria, Dhokha, RGV ki Aag or Hey baby?

Tell me which movie would u prefer to see from the above?

If u ask me id say none bcause first they are all copys and poor copies from all the reviews from people and blogs and secondly im a world cinema buff. If i had to see a hindi movie, it wd still be Chak de – a good movie or Partner for full tu timepass (i know they have been released a long time ago) or just maybe that too just- hey baby.. thats if i get a free ticket.

Ive had a fetish for world cinema, classics etc, even seen some classics from likes of Kurosawa and Kubrick, many times over, plan to see a few movies of Bergman but hey if i want to see time pass movies – Hong Kong and Korean movies are simply unbeatable.

Now we all know about Hong Kong movies and have seen many of them but are still alien to Korean movies.

Trust me ud really enjoy a good Korean movie like My Sassy girl or My wife is a gangster part 1 n 2 or the hilarious Dasepo Naughty girls or Sex is zero the korean mix of classic Fast times and American pie. Korean movies to me are an ideal mix between Bollwood flicks and Hollywood movies.

but hey this is a democracy ur free to watch what u like


4 thoughts on “Victoria, Dhokha, RGV ki Aag or Hey baby?

  1. Is it Dhokha or Dhokla? I would recommend Chak- De from your list if you haven’t seen it so far.Original, good acting, funny at times and different.
    Some Mutual Funds guys were giving free tickets for Hey Baby! in Delhi:). I don’t know if they compensate for the valuable time you spend 🙂

  2. thanx pr3rna for the correction yes its dhokha but if u see it my way all of pooja bhat movies are a dhokla of foreign movies, some a dhoka to the viewers.

    bach- yes u heard right – what i also heard is that this one is still this one is better of the current lot of releases

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