Partner vs Hitch

Its hitch all the way……..

Just saw Hitch and later hi speed forward* Partner
Did recomend Partner before – that is if i got a free ticket ….
sorry i take it back..dont ever bother to see Partner.

First hitch is very well made and very realistic and relatable.
Partner which is a 90+ % almost scene to scene copy
is a very very badly made copy..

It is so fake and doesnt have anything called a story.. U might like it if ur interested in seeing katrina nd lara strutting their stuff or on the other hand bad pjs n poor acting modelling bodies of Salman and Govinda (all new improved for lessons in weight reduction).If there was a celeb biggest looser wins govinda will get silver and be second only to Adnan Sami.

The best actor in that movie according to me is none other than Rajpal Yadhav the Chota Don !

Also saw in HSF more movies with No STORY like

Cash ( viewed for 20 minutes) (rated flop) pure eye candy with the actress lineup with multiple layers of makeup giving good ideas to budding hair stylists beauticians, fashion /western dress designers for fashion street etc.

Awarapan (not even half way and sleep caught up) only good for viewing new actress who’s pure eye candy else it is zzzzzzzzz , honourable mention Imran looks more like Himesh , better he stick with his trademark kissing scenes …or soon he wd be out of business.

So if u cant grab a copy of Hitch go see Chukde a rare original based of life of Mir Negi IN A THEATRE. This is one of Sharukhs altime best movies, because i cant see his trademark acting style anywhere in this film .

* hi speed forward – to see a movie of 1.30 minutes in 30 minutes and still get the gist of the story..


11 thoughts on “Partner vs Hitch

  1. Well Prax,
    I too wonder why the heck we have so many gods. I believe in Adwaitaya. But yes how can we deny the incarnations? Sometimes I feel I am an atheist however. 🙂 It’s for sure the gods and demigods are symbolic.

  2. ankur
    not really it is finally the great Arbaz khan who directed it
    the movie is really bad

    im an athestic hindu , dont bother to goto temples or chant or pray regularly but do meditate sometimes preferably on hilltops and forts that kinda gives me peace of mind

    sometimes having a non monotheistic way of life is good it helps in ideas and debates and better understanding of life
    not like islam wherein the god turns into a fatwa giving mullah!

  3. Do you want a partner……GAY PARTNER…….Do you want a partner….love me love me say!!!!

    SHITTIEST Movie ever!!!!!!.I hate watching ANY Govinda movie.He overacts to the core……God Bollywood makes crappy remakes

  4. I don’t understand….You say “First hitch is very well made and very realistic and relatable.Partner which is a 90+ % almost scene to scene copy is a very very badly made copy..It is so fake and doesnt have anything called a story”….If it’s an almost scene-to-scene copy, as you say, why did you think it’s bad? If the story is the same as “Hitch”, how does “Hitch” have a good story and “Partner” becomes “so fake” *perplexed*

    I also don’t understand why people are against remakes..I am all for originality..But a good “remade (or copied or inspired, whichever way one may call it)” movie could be quite entertaining too…Think of “Sholay”, “Rang De Basanti” (just a couple of names)….

    P.S. David Dhawan directed “partner”..not arbaaz khan….


  5. Zephyr
    thanks yes it is not arbaz but david and david has lost it this time !

    First we r dealing with hindi cinema yes the visuals and actions r similar 90% but there is a 10% left –characters seem unreal or fake lack realism

    acting or may i say overacting is pathetic – in case of ladies they r just glam dolls with little screen time- plus making lara wear the skimps and run around clicking pics as a glam journo doin crime beat – is not happening – nor govinda seeming like a crazed identity ..

    the devil is in the dialogues and details lost in davids indianisation like introducing a bhabhi n kids and voice activated rockets and as ameya says the movie centers on the relationship of salman and govinda not the couples. Overall there is a loss of realism and the script, acting and approach.
    see both the movies and then u can tell the difference

  6. partner is a gr88 movieee
    what the hell wth the ppl who compair it wth english moviessss.
    u should know that this is india and a director suppose to make accodin to india ppl
    nyway sallu was to good
    his dance to actin to overactin to emotion everythin he showed in this movieee
    only crack ppl can comment abt this move
    i just wanna say that this a tipical david dhawan movie
    sooooooo enjoy itttttt

  7. If only crack people can comment on this movie then…..uhh….u just did comment on the movie!!!!!!LOL.

    Anyway man I just believe in originals and no amount of remakes can replace it.Every person has a right to comment.If I feel a movie is crap then I will call it crap no matter how many famous celebrities are in it.

    Basically the film lacks quality………..

  8. i am sick of bollywood copying hollywood lots of movies great English movies turned to crap by bollywood eg: E.T,hitch,liar,bruce almighty etc etc the list goes on truth is bollywood sucks this movie sucks and it would be better to eat diarrhea from the asshole of a dead rotten pig who was shat on by a giant gorrila who had aids

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