Iriver or Apple Ipod?

There are a whole lot of audio and video players in the market like the Transcend Tsonic , The Phillips players, the Samsung yepp and the Creative Rio and Zen series but none come close to the reigning champions – the well known Ipod and the Geek favourite Iriver.

Personally im into the audio players and not the video players as i find them dangerous first as they can mess up ur eyes and neck and secondly bcause they can get u in an accident.

Apple ipod

+ Great Marketing , Loyal fanbase, simple interphase, great looks and Superb output.

– Battery life replacement problems/much hyped and Overrated / Over marketed /no FM or Voice recorder/ limited codecs/ high cost of maintainance / monopolistic attitude.

I river.

+ Great product /Feature rich / Solid built / Long lasting / Descent Interphase/ Non monopolistic / Easier to maintain and service/ superb output .

– Not properly marketed / No international presence / geeky Inter phase

So tell me what would u go for ?

the ipod or the iriver?


3 thoughts on “Iriver or Apple Ipod?

  1. I have a creative zen. I found it cheap and best. Of course, i didnt have money to buy an iPod that i cherished the most ๐Ÿ˜‰

    A friend of mine uses an iRiver and he says, its pretty superior to iPod. Actually i believe it all depends on the headphones you use. Cos the headphones provided by both iPod and Creative are nothing great.

    I bought Sennheiser headphones separately. Its better than what i got along with the Creative Zen.

    yes headphones do matter very much but a good sound processing chip is also important
    and creative is really good if u consider their quality/ cost , as one of my friends has one.
    hmm Sennheiser ๐Ÿ™‚ those are cool !

  2. Hey dude!!!Wazzaaa????.Anyway I would ANY day go for the Iriver!!!.I know most people would jump up with joy if they get an ipod but seriously speaking I find it quite OVERATED!!!.Sure it is ANY day sleeker,faster(in relation to music transfer) than Iriver but it cannot match the battery power and to some extent the audio effect that the Iriver provides.And yeah its sometimes better looking than the Ipod too!!.Check out the Clix gen 2 and the B20 models!!

    The Iriver does not have a geeky interface by the way but ya like you said their marketing,promotions,sales techniques are very bad and pathetic as compared to its competitor.But the Iriver is sturdier than the Ipod.Anyway its up to people’s likes and dislikes if they are satisfied with the Ipod then good.

    P.S – This is out of the topic but I SERIOUSLY feel like kicking MTNL Broadband departments ass!!!.Their Servers are crashing every 25 minutes!!!!LOL.Are u experiencing the same problem???

    Hi ameya,
    me also votes of Iriver cause it is cool ! i didnt mean their interphase is geeky or difficult but in relation to apple it is a bit more difficult cause ipod interphase is derived from apple os x which is more well known – abt add spend – they dont need to bother -without a push mktg they still have a loyal fanbase and good sales
    did face bad mtnl dns probs on and off -plus kis kis ko lat marega
    tere pair dukh jayenge

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