CST Sahar airport Mumbai

Had been to the Sahar airport to drop off someone.

Did see ShahRukh Khan come into Mumbai just 2 feet away from me! at almost 3am -almost missed him as i was too busy listening to music- when he just walked past me with his bodyguards and all including a few fans Also Shilpa Shetty with her mum in tow do a rapid exit out – maybe goin to London.

Sad to observe the pathetic state of amenities over there and the way things are brazenly overpriced . 250 ml Softdrink Rs 15,Bottle 30 Can Rs 50 Amul cafe Rs30 Mazaa Rs35.

Looks like AAi is only concerned about staff welfare and likes and totally oblivious to their customers needs.Even in basic neccessity terms. Here are pics of the toilet outside the terminal 1 A having an entry charge of Rs2.



3 thoughts on “CST Sahar airport Mumbai

  1. yes i did apply to power grid (97.5k)

    about dhanush… the company looks good, pricing ok, i love their niche logistics… but its too small a size… the revenue is 100cr… so I am not fully convinced.

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