Mid term Polls in India?

Is India heading towads mid term polls? Looks like things r slowly getting to an impasse as both Sonia and Karat are sticking to their stand on the nuclear issue.

For two parties fighting each other in state elections and sleeping together in the Centre was a political necessity considering their Suckularist credentials. There was constant bickering between the two bedfellows and serious differences cropped up from time to time. The nuke deal seems to be the gasolene that has fuelled the flames, and is the causa proxima.

First was the attempt to delay the Nuke deal by announcing the committee between congress and communists to discuss the deal to buy time, which was opposed by the opposition who preferred a JPC and hence it meant the shutdown of parliament indefinitely, if u understand how Indian democracy works.

Second was the lefts big march against the Naval exercises, and their open rhetoric of going public about the failings of the Congress upa govt.

Third the Upa loving Ibns opinion polls about Congress headed govt still getting a majority in case of a mid term poll and of communists taking a hit which would suit the congress, a fact that must have been already corroborated by internal intelligence reports, which most govts seek.

The consolidation of parites under an anti left plank in Bengal, including of course the vociferous Momota Di, and the third front being a non starter has also helped.

The fact that the party is preparing for mid term polls is also indicated by the blitzkrieg of govt adds that are starting to hit the screens on dd channels and news, glorifying acheivements and their yojanas etc.

They have also with undue haste launched yet another Rozgar guarantee yojana.

Lastly it is the apprehension and constant fears of the Congress that haunt the govt from make up its mind, due to the inflation and price rise of essential commodities which it has been unable to cap, and its populist policies not giving it substantial political dividends due to leakages as once famously mentioned by Rajiv Gandhi.

Plus the price of crude firm at around 75$ a barrel is not helping the oil cos who bear most of the subsidy burden who are beginning to feel the pain- thanks to govt diktats and would force a decision on the govt soon enough.

In case of a mid term poll the major looser would be the fringe allies like RJD and Dmk, which will have most to fear as they were enjoying largess of an extremely favorable central govt.


10 thoughts on “Mid term Polls in India?

  1. mid term polls make perfect sense…
    1) BJP leadership is in total disarray, vajpayee has become a permanent resident of the hospital wards and Advani cannot become the leader of NDA. so this gives Congress a unique opportunity

    2) congress can use the sympathy plank and get full majority… almost the entire nation now is against Communist and understand that manmohan singh’s hands r tied because of them.

    3) This might give sonia a unique opportunity to induct priyanka/rahul in the cabinet. (remember they have to serve at least 1 term in cabinet before they can be elected as Prime minister)

    4) If I have to believe that there is a 33% chance of a global recession.. then its in the government’s best interest to go to elections before rather than after the meltdown

    Funny/ironic thing is Sonia is shooting from Manmohans sholder taking credit for good stuff and blaming him for bad …

  2. well i can assure u one thing
    Sonia is meddling less than what RSS did to NDA, communist to Manmohan singh and Dev Gowda to Karnataka govt.

    comeon ankur !
    i beg to differ , i dont think Atal had to get a yes from the rss before he took any decision – in comparison to Manmohan who seems a mindless drone sometimes. yes the rss has an agenda some of it like reversing the leftist imprint in text books very valid and some based on their core ideology but never diktats – but id prefer rss nyday to the communists

  3. //but id prefer rss nyday to the communists//
    totally agree with u…. communists have the IQ of a headless chicken while RSS guys do have a single digit IQ score.

    but in today’s political scenario.. I cannot find a better statesman than Sonia Gandhi

  4. why is my comments going under moderation?

    no clue , nyways i still beg to differ – there is an old saying
    dista tasa nasta – mhanun jag phasta-which goes aptly with her!

  5. I am late in responding to this post. I will still like to respond.Prax, the time is not right for mid-term elections for the Communists because the party is not in a good shape now.There will be a midterm election this is sure.Full term to Manmohan Singh doesn’t suit the Left.They don’t want to share the anti incumbency factor and they have to oppose the Congress in Kerala and Bengal.After Ram-Setu issue you can forget the midterms for a while.BJP’s tally might improve a little which our friends in UPA won’t like.

    πŸ™‚ ur always welcome to comment
    it is all about what time favors whom, and how hard is it to live with each other for all parties involved

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