Windows Vista a failure ?

Microsoft is a much loved and much hated company. From the time Ms launched Win 98, there is heated arguement about Ms taking the place of Ibm as the most monopolistic and hated corporate tech giant. Redmond is a much hated name, even though realistically speaking some of their policies are much better than Apple and some of their products other than their OS like MS Office are still must installs as competition is nowhere in sight.

MS has always had problems competing with Apples OSX because of Apples excellent Human Interphase and ease of use. Their forte is marketing , which was on display when Vista was launched with great fanfare and touted as the next big leap forward for MS or the next big OS. Sadly when i just glanced over its technical requirements i thought … oh this just might be a Windows ME part deux.

Now Windows ME came out sometime between 98 and XP and we fondly called it the 1 week OS, because in most cases it could not survive longer that that.

MS like all good monopolies slowly withdrew XP from the market bu pushing OEMs to fall in line, forcing Vista on hapless consumers. Now Vista is Ms s attempt to get their Human interphase right, including giving it a cool look with Aero so as to compete with Apple and Kde.

Coupled with the higher hardware costs and their Drm and likes they made it very hard to pirate thus cutting themselves off from many users of the third world countries.

The MS interphase still lacks the intuitiveness and their help or error codes are legendary for misleading rather than simplifying and helping. With Vista they have in trying to simplicy things complicated them even more.Lots of my very inquisitive friends who switched to vista have got XP cravings within a week or two.

Large corporates like Dell are now offering XP again and the Oems are also planning to do so. Redmond can  make first time users go for vista through marketing but will it effectively convince the repeat buyer or the geek?

Is Ms by pushing Vista loosing out on customers  who are heading towards greener pastures of the rapidly developing Linuxworld?


11 thoughts on “Windows Vista a failure ?

  1. Hey by the way Windows ME is not a 1 week OS….its a 3 day OS since my ME crashed within 3 days!!!!LOL….Even companies like HP and Compaq who used to force people into buying their Vista Home Premium PC/Laptop are switching over to good old Xp!!!!!.Vista unfortunately is still in beta stage!!.Only Half of the softwares work on Vista plus there is a huge problem with drivers for your Graphic card or any other additional thing u put in your PC.Sure Nvidia and ATI have released their Vista drivers but they themselves warn users saying that the drivers have not been properly tested meaning they ALSO like vista are in beta stage!!.Net net Vista has looks but no substance.I was very inquisitive about the Vista OS because of the claims MS put foward but I too was very disappointed when I read the minimum requirement!!!.Though trust me I have seen PC’s with 512 MB “SHARED” RAM running Vista Home Premium even though MS claims that you need a minimum of 1 GB!!!!LOL.I went through the whole OS for a week before and realized that Vista was a badly Modified XP.Anyway even I am thinking of switching to Linux….some of my friends did and they loved the Linux OS though they said it takes time to adjust to the different environment but it will be very prosperous.

  2. The only feature I found worthwhile is the clock down feature which has been copied from AMD’s Cool and Quiet technology which reduces the electricity consumption and also lowers down the CPU clocking when the work done on the PC is minimum.One horrible part of vista is the unnecessary RAM hogging by the OS through applications like Widgets!!

  3. Have a look at the Linux Ubuntu operating system version 7.04.It has all the graphical capabilities and more as compared to vista!!.And it does all this with a minimum config of just 256 MB RAM!!

  4. The acceptance and profits of every new Windows version is primarily through corporate customers, not individual consumers.

    People are resistant to change. When analysts determine Vista is stable and secure enough for corporations, it will lead to huge business.

    Eventually when all the newer, cooler, fun stuff is only available on the latest version, people ultimately upgrade. This is the story since Windows 3.1, and I don’t think it’s going to be any different with Vista.

    hey welcome mahendra ,
    Very interesting line of thought and commercially very true indeed.
    but MS has made tonnes from selling W98 to the common man
    the news these days is that corporates are shunning vista
    as it isnt a substantial upgrade and some even switching to linux

  5. Vista is an imitation of the Mac OS X Tiger, and comes at a time when the Tiger is giving way to the Leopard.
    Clearly, Windows is a rich cousin of the Mac, though far less talented.

  6. 1.”MS has always had problems competing with Apples OSX”

    when? they have 90% market share anyway. i’m sure if 90% can operate windows the human interface wouldn’t be as bad. 🙂

    2.”Sadly when i just glanced over its technical requirements i thought … oh this just might be a Windows ME part deux.”

    Windows ME did not have any special requirements over previous versions of Windows. The deduction Vista is ME based on technical requirements is err stupid

    3. “MS like all good monopolies” – ‘good’ monopolies? it doesnt make sense literally or figuratively! 🙂

    4. “MS interphase still lacks the intuitiveness… friends who switched to vista have got XP cravings ”

    what is the link between intuitiveness and XP cravings? 0 my friend. There are other reasons for it eg driver problem, slow copying, slow booting, incompatible programs…. but intuitiveness? it is not linked with XP cravings by miles and miles.

    5. “Large corporates like Dell are now offering XP again”

    if u will remember whenever in the past a new OS has been introduced by MS side by side the option of downgrade has always been given. This is standard practise for the company.

    6.”greener pastures of the rapidly developing Linuxworld?” err no Linux world has not been able to take much advantage of this Vista phenomenon so far, and Vista SP1 is just around the corner.

    Bro you need to write a lot better than this! Cheers! 🙂

  7. wow pallav that is detailed and so i respond

    Yes ms owns the market and is a monopoly it aint bad but aint good either!
    Apple did not win market share bcause Apple didnt open up their os to the market,
    software/ interphase wise they beat ms hands down. Remember most Win98 ideas
    came from the Apple mac.

    No u misinterpreted me
    Vista is miles ahead of ME – Me was a commercial failure and vista was goin on its path
    so i said ME part 2 because Vista had very heavy requirements when it had just come out 1GB ram Drm monitor Special Video Card (some of which they watered down when it finally came out)and do u know how much that cost a yr ago? the fact is most corporates r shunning vista because it offers nothin substantially new over xp except a slightly more showy interphase plus has loads of driver problems.

    good monopolies – meant a monopoly that shows itself to be a responsible good corporate say like the big 5 oil cos.

    on intuitiveness i meant it tries to act intelligent -every new ms os assumes user is dumb and tries to do everything on his behalf like installing drivers – giving not required help and error msgs that noone can understand etc this complicates things even further as the os bosses over the user and fault finding becomes even more difficult.Plus the number of bsods goes up.
    U detailed the other reasons that make people crave for xp

    This time there were no downgrades ms pulled out oem xp from the market so as to push vista
    in the even now us no reseller will offer xp – its vista all the way.

    Linux is slowly gaining market share and acceptance and developing at a blistering pace so much so that both apple and vista have taken ideas from Kde.
    Google, Apple and others are challanging the dominance of MS but time will tell what the outcome will be.

  8. @Pallav

    Who said MS allowed people to downgrade!!!.Bro u need to keep in touch with the news!!!.MS was ready to SHUTDOWN Windows Xp and ALL its updates so that they could force people to switch over to Vista.It was only after the public started making a issue then did they agree to continue provide updates till 2009 or so (I don’t rem the exact year so excuse me).And like Prax said Linux has slowly started gaining a lot of attention from Both the MS and Apple worlds.

  9. Great discussion here! MSFT is the ultimate bully. They’ll start losing their market share in OS too…don’t worry. It’s already happening with IE.

    most definitely, isnt the ff 3 beta cool?

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