India’s Deng Xiao Peng.

The communists of India are much hated by most intelligent middle class folks. The recent news reports about the coalition squabbles , and their behavior on the Nuke agreement with USA, and their demand for a 6 month freeze also strengthens the old suspicion that they work under direct orders of the CCP. Infact I feel they have attempted to model W Bengal on the Chinese state.

Now we all know that the Communists are totalitarian zealots and depend on personality cult as much as the Congress does. Read : Vir Sanghvi for an account on their functioning style.

During BJP rule somewhere in 2000/2001, the fortunes of the Communists were waining, and there were allegations of corruption by the son of the then CM and veterain Jyoti Basu. Things changed once the reigns of power were handed to Buddha who changed the old communist policy so as to invite industrialisation.

In 2006 during West Bengal state election, contrary to expectation of a loss of vote share for the communists, the Cpim had a record victory. The credit for this went directly to a forward thinking Mr Clean Cm Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, who changed the old rigid anti capitalist policy so as to attempt to reform and modernise West Bengal, in the process inviting industry majors foreign investment and Tech giants. His simple lifestyle and Clean image has given him a fan following even rivaling that of Dada.
Now this has made the hypocritical central leadership nervous because they opposed the same policy at central level. Plus his opposing Labor unions in Tech Sector hasn’t helped his popularity with the Unions.

There are striking similarities between Deng Xiao Peng and Buddha.

1. Both are forward thinking and can speak against the official party line.

2. Both are known to be frank and ruthless in implementing reform.

3. Both are hard working and self made and faced descent from other leaders of the Cp.

and Lastly both had their dark moments

namely Crackdown of the Tiananmen Square Protests
and Crackdown at Nandigram.

So tell me am i right in concluding that Buddha is India’s or at least West Bengals Deng Xiao Peng?


3 thoughts on “India’s Deng Xiao Peng.

  1. Don’t know enough to say yes to that, though I can understand the parallels!
    One thing is that Buddhadev is not running the party, the party is running him.
    Deng was the absolute authority in his time.

    Doc not really in his second term he was running the party
    first the party was running him thanks to the gang of 4
    they also put him in a labor camp luckily they didnt kill him

  2. no because buddha did not crackdown at nandigram it was the constabulary which wanted to teach the people a lesson and acted of its own accord.

    Pallav welcome to my blog
    Well r the police ever proactive to do their duty? finally they still take orders from the state home ministry– it must have been at some old guard commuinsts behest… and remember not much action was taken against them. Plus the communist cardres were also involved .

    Agreed that it wasnt buddha but hey he was still the captain of the Ship — wasnt he?
    so overall he has to take Moral responsibility!

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