India wins Twenty 20 World cup !

India won the inaugural 20-20 World cup by 5 runs against our favourite opponents Pakistan,
finally a world cup after 24 long yrs of wait!

I may not be the biggest fan of Cricket but hey this is sweet success for India, defeating Australia in the semis and then Pakistan, that after a string of disasters for the last couple of yrs. For the hapless Indian cricket fan, its finally Party time !!
I must confess i just managed to see the last 6 overs and i wasn’t disappointed as they were indeed fun to watch.

Read India did it 🙂 for proper commentary / analysis

India had a disastrous start, and a Cricket loving friend was so frustrated that he switched off the tv set, preferring to have an evening walk instead and later changing his mind.

Everyone was tense as the match was swinging both ways as each over passed. Misbah’s aggressive hitting of 3 Sixers and 1 four in Harbhajans disastrous over and 1 by Tanvir in Shreeshants over almost meant a certain defeat for India, if not for Shreeshanth and a cool headed RP Singh, who took the vital wickets of Tanvir and Gul and broke the Paki rhythm. J Sharmas last over was nothing to write about as he almost buckled under the pressure as most people concluded that the match had slipped out of India’s hands after Misbah-ul-Haqs sixer, but thanks to a stupid attempt at another 6 with a scoop over short fine-leg by the big hitting Misbah when 5 were required of 4 balls India won…

Man of the Match: Pathan for his excellent 4 over spell that contained the Pakis.

Note:Im no expert and have almost lost touch so experts please correct me wherever im wrong.


One thought on “India wins Twenty 20 World cup !

  1. “so please correct me wherever im wrong.”

    Well, that would need a full blog post in itself!

    in hindsight, the language was indeed terrible and so was my rustic cric info
    and merited a repost or cleanup which i certainly did
    read kasok his is the best post ive read till now on the t20..
    🙂 i wouldnt mind reading a full humorous blog post on the match – ur posts r fun to read

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