Burma Protests

Burma or Myanmar is on the boil from almost a week but both the GOI and its MEA and most of the Indian Press is surprisingly silent, and surprisingly more interested in the Twenty20 or the Indian Idol, or the Congress Idol and heir apparent.

Most news networks all around the world including France 24, DWtv, BBC, CNN etc are covering the ongoing protest by the Burmese Monks against the beligerant and oppressive Military hunta, price rise, doubling fuel prices and the continuing house arrest of Aung San Suu Kyi and stifling of democracy
But it seems like India just doesn’t care what happens in its neighborhood. Is it because of the Commi pressure as the unpopular Hunta has deep relations with China? Or is it that the Congress is too scared to comment fearing the souring of almost non existing relations with Yangon?

The Chinese are also surprisingly silent.


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