Ganesh Visarjan

Today is Anant Chaturdashi which means time for people to say Ganpati Bappa Moraya ! Phudchya Varshi Lavkar ya !
Oh Lord Ganesh pray- com back very soon -next yr to their most favorite Lord Ganesh. That means chowpattys or beaches at Girgaum, Dadar and Juhu will be packed with devotees.

DD Sahyadhri (on DD Direct plus and other networks) Aastha Tv and most local cable operators will be posting their camera crews live at Opera hse and Girgaum chowpatty and other locations, so that people can catch it live!

Lastly people please spare a thought to the Mumbai Police and the School students of the NCC etc who really break their backs and help out in the organising and regulating this massive festival and to the people living en route who have to tolerate the noise and crackers till late in the night .

Update : Girgaum chowpatty was jampacked at 6.30pm ive uploaded pics to my Flikr A/c


3 thoughts on “Ganesh Visarjan

  1. Isn’t it supposed to be Nimarjan ?
    Visarjan sounds like a not-so-appropriate word here.

    Welcome to my blog k
    well i dont know how it is in the south
    here we call it visarjan!

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