Net Pc from Mtnl Novatium

Mtnl and Novatium (chennai based co) have come together to offer a Net Pc for RS 4500 ie less than $100. U will have to of course spend on the Monitor, Router,Usb Keyboard, Mouse and Speakers which will increase the cost by Rs 7000 at least if u choose a 17 inch crt monitor. Is it worth it ?

At first glance it looks like a Cable or Dish STB and is basically a dumb terminal. When Pcs were expensive similar devices were made by a few local companies , so as to substitute the second or third computer, mainly to input data but as pc prices have crashed thanks to a weak dollar they are all going out of business.

Novatium’s website says that it is a Network Pc which works on linux and also supports windows and windows based apps. It works on an external power of a 12v dc adaptor and consumes 8.5 watts of power. It has no Cpu Hard disk or CD drive. Customers will be given the choice to use either Windows or Linux. All applications including the storage of data of all MTNL customers will be done by the centralized server in the locality and u will be given a memory space of 2GB on the central server of Mtnl/Exchange in ur area. It has four Usb Ports. Their website also states that u can attach a usb pen drive to it.

Finally lets do the math only for the box (add Rs 7000)
Net PC = RS 4500 Second hand Pc = Rs 2000 to 6000(all inclusive) Low end Pc -Amd Sempron or Intel Celeron= Rs 9000

Now for the Positives

No Software and hardware hassles this baby is Plug and Surf.

No virus problems (that is if Mtnl servers are kept clean) or a Cih type virus is not written to destroy its bios if any

No Amc or maintainance costs that are associated with a PC.

No fighting with cables and minimum use of space and low power consumption

Great for a Nubee or the very basic user who just wants to surf and email.


U will be bound to the Mtnl server and fully at Mtnls mercy and in case of a connectivity problem or disconnection this will be a piece of useless junk.

How secure will ur data be on an Mtnl Server?Plus 2 gb is rather limited though u could use stuff like google cache to augment capacity.

This will increase ur overall bandwith costs (which are expensive) as everything will be stored on mtnl server. Plus nothing will stop them from charging u a rental for the 2 gb space in future. Add to it Service tax. (Remember Adsl modem costs 1600 and the rental can be recovered in 10 months time flat)

U wont be able to playing offline games, have ur own little Mp3 / movie collection and sync ur mobile phone with it. Worse u wont even be able to see the dvd/vcd and play the Mp3 cd as u wont have a cd/dvd drive.

Dont know how u would be able to access stuff like skype or msn messenger or other 3rd party softwares.

No Printing.

There are a lot more negatives and overall im Negative on this product.


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