Noise pollution during Ganeshotsav.

Everyone knows that pollution is a part and parcel of Ganeshotsav, as people commonly use plastic thremocol and pop which can be disastrous to the human body and marine ecology.

The worst kind is light and sound /noise pollution which some mandals blatantly abuse in a useless attempt at self promotion. The High/Supreme Court has placed a deadline to stop all the noisemaking by 10pm at night. This rule is openly flouted and the Police haven’t managed to enforce it.
The worst sufferers are those living en route, including patients, Small children, Infants and Senior Citizens .

Some mandals do have their nasik dhol and lezim bands or the brass bands during Visarjan -which are fine but until say 9pm but a new trend emerging is mounting of multiple speakers and dj racks in trucks in front of Ganpatis, and a few among the revelers dancing inebriated without bothering about the real reason for the rejoicing.

spkrs2.JPG congi.JPGncp.JPG

A new trend is the pandals of Political parties meant for helping and guiding devotees – putting up big speaker racks, and having impromptu dance parties on the roads- funnily it wasn’t the usual culprits but the secularist parties that indulged in this practice .Yes they flouted the 10 pm rule but only for 20/25 minutes…

In contrast the pandals of banks like Sbi and Boi at least provided water and sharbat even though they liberally used the mic.

There is a mandal close to home that prides itself in being blatent at breaking laws, and not only that, they are kinda proud of it and it has become part of tradition.
This mandal is situated right next to the D B Marg Police station, Mumbai.They easily get funds and sponsorship from the Tech Shops of Lamington road. Keeping all the halogen and decorative lights ON- all night long for the 10/11 days of Ganeshotsav with the usual mix of songs 6 hrs a day is routine.They also indulge in serenading the deity with the whole DJ setup and 10/12 speaker racks on the last day with latest in songs such as Mungda , Dil Le gayi kudi Punjab di, Soni de Nakhre, Kajrare, Ya ali, Tamasha music, Cham cham karta hai ye nashila badan! etc while 30 kids/adults aged 15-35 and even 45 dance and 60 adults ogle at them dancing! that too right till say after 12.30 POST MIDNIGHT if u include the firecrackers, of course they pause for the customary 3 minutes after cops request them to stop – routine since last 2 yrs.I don’t know but most likely most of them are tone deaf cause though i don’t have a sound gun- they may be easily breaking 90 db sound barrier, cause their music makes the panes of our windows rattle 50+ meters away!

police-leave.JPG party-continues.JPG

I dont blame the poor beat constables for non enforcement because they are simply overstretched, but such Mandals should permanently be banned and their trust status revoked, suo moto by the Police who clearly can hear their noise but Whose listening ?? Plus some of them have political connection thus are untouchable.

Damn im having a terrible splitting headache !! and at almost 1 am still the firecrackers are bursting.

Unlike the rowdy behavior of such mandals, i like the way the mandals such as the 5 day GSB Mandal and the very famous Lalbaug Cha Raja , conduct their visarjan procession. They are a class apart. The Rajas procession reaches Phadke Ganpati Mandir or Prarthna Samaj at no less than 3 Am but minus the noise and the tamasha – causing minimum disturbance to the aam admi.


14 thoughts on “Noise pollution during Ganeshotsav.

  1. Good that you wrote about this! The noise pollution is horrible and terrible!! I have lived in an area where we were bombarded by noise duing the festival and I thought I would go mad, specially as it was during exams!! And the worst of it is that the law allows it!! I think for 2-3 days they are allowed but I am not sure about this.

  2. Wow! Even I’ve never had a post on before…congrats!

    I fully empathize with you. I’m quite sensitive to noise and detest all this madness…it drives me crazy!

  3. Nita:Just to clarify Ganesh Puja comes in the month of sept and is a national holiday there are usually no exams because the Significant exams are held in the month of April-May could you please clarify.

    Prax: Congrats on making it to the

    Mahendrap:My best wishes are with you to making it to the

    To the rest of the visitors:Please follow the discussion in the links below for a different point of view

  4. hi
    we have started a campaign to stop the immersion of plaster of paris idols in water this year. our idea is that if the Reverent Gurus step in and give a call to the people to stop immersing then the people will definitely listen. we are doing this by sending messages to the gurus’ websites in thousands. So with this we are attracting their attention. We are sure that the Gurus will respond by tomorrow with a discussion and later by an announcement to stop immersion immediately. We hope they will also suggest the necessary prayaschitta and procedure for disposing the idols in a safe way. We need intelligent people like you to take part in the effort by sending a few messages to various gurus and also by encouraging others to do so.
    the message is supposed to be simple like this.
    with a title
    “request to swamijis to save hinduism by discouraging wrong ways of celebrating hindu festivals. ”
    “The innocent masses are immersing harmful plaster of paris idols into water
    in the name of hindu religion. you great ones know that this is nt our true religion or way of celebrating Ganesh festival. you and you alone can stop this malpractice. Please swamijis you must all come forward in the media and give a call to the people to stop this practice.
    Otherwise this practice will go on for a few more years and even if it stops . it will be at the expense of the reputation of hinduism. So please respond by holding a country wide discussion with all the main swamijis of India and then making a media statement to the people to stop the malpractise and by informing the people onthe correct way of celebrating hindu festivals. dhanyavaad”
    if a few hundred people send this message with the title. then if it happens to many swamijis then they will certainly get together and start a discussion. So please already many are sending the message. you also send the message.

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