Politics over Ram Setu

Now much has been talked about the Ram Setu.

I would like to point out a few facts:

1. Congress with its callous attitude of questioning Rams existance was wrong.I think they are conveniently slipping out of the scene after starting the fire!

2. Dmk – Karna now what can i say about them ? Ankur said it all – I thought Sena was the biggest militant party in India after the Communists …I was so wrong.

3. Bjp is acting plain Idiotic, and stupid by getting stuck in Verbal duels with the Dmk and loosing out on the bigger issue Congress which started it all is slipping away. Worse is they want to convince the middle class and intelligent lot that they can’t think above Ram and Religion! While the central theme should be Economy and Nation building… I sorely miss Vajpayee .The fact that this is not a viable project on Economic, Enviromental and Defence grounds has been lost in the confusion.

Hey they even forgot to take potshots at how Rahul baba got the golden ticket to the Congress General Sec post and is being compared to Dhoni.


3 thoughts on “Politics over Ram Setu

  1. While we do need young blood in politics, Rahul baba’s direct promotion from baccha-hood to baba-hood reminds me of Bush who went straight from one big office to another…:(

  2. indian population is 1.2 billion, wht we dont have young person to take over ther country other than gandhi family?????????????????????
    this country will not develop even after 2200.AD.

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