Is Democracy Casualty of Coalition Politics?

Looks like it another repeat of Up in Karnataka for the Bjp. Remember how Mayawati walked out on the coalition govt? Looks like Gowda will do a Mayawati on the Bjp state leadership…

Now not so long ago, in a seemingly preplanned move HD Kumaraswamy, the son of the ex pm and an ex PWD contractor Mr Deve Gowda had a tiff with his father and walked out of the minority coalition in Karnataka between the Jds and the Congress (Bjp got largest vote share and seats) to form a coalition with the Bjp on a gentleman’s agreement of sharing the post of CM during the term.

There was a lot of drama between father and son, who were at one time supposedly not on talking terms . Now high drama is not uncommon if u take into account the nature of such an opportunist politician.

Suddenly now all seems to be well in between both father and son and looks like the sleeping Cm / Ex Pm has woken up from his slumber and has decided to grab the reigns of power in Karnataka from his son and protege . Merajuddin Patel, president of the State unit of Janata Dal (Secular), said on Thursday that the secular image of the party had been damaged by its association with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), funny he forgot about it all this time when Kumaraswamy was ruling Karnataka.

But that is not all, 89 legislators have gone on a two-week study tour* to study developmental models adopted by the Communist nation of China while 75 legislators are slated to leave for China on August 27.The China trip will cost the state exchequer close to Rs 3 crore.

*paid vacation at taxpayers expense

Having multi party democracy has its plus points but as desi coalition politics goes some minority parties with bargaining power become rogues and subvert democracy to their gains extracting a larger share than they deserve, in comparison to other states /cities which even after paying heavy taxes dont get back anything in return.

The dominant partner bends over backwards just to please that rogue partner one more time just so that they dont rock the boat!
What better example do u need than the very amusing Laloo and the South Indian don Karunanidhi? Worse are likes of Shibu Soren . I dont need to tell u about Carats and sickles they are masters at coalition politics.

If democratic leaders are busy in creating and dousing political fires, go on study tours or devising populist policies which benefit a select few while ruining the state economically and increasing the taxpayers burden – when will they get time to make useful laws that actually help taxpaying citizens?

From this episode there are a few things that come to my mind:

1. Are coalitions skewing democracy and stability in a developing country like India?

2. Should we ban post poll alliances ? or atleast have a repoll or second poll to choose binding coalitions in case people, just might not like the party aligning with the party they voted for?

3. Should there be a legally valid binding contract between allies so that coalition parties do not resort to blackmail or threat?

4. Should we devise a better democratic system suiting our needs by studying and incorporationg the good points of other democracies? or at least more flexibility so that people are able to atleast decide who their next ruler will be?

5. Should the majority vote system be implimented where people are forced to choose between two /three parties or dominant coalitions to choose party in power? or at least allow citizens a transferable vote

6. Should the taxpayer also have the say in policy matters especially in terms of spending when a sizable non tax paying population vote on basis of bribes of taxpayer funded color tv, clothes, alcohol and biryani provided for a week before and during elections?

7. Should we have a referendum on leaders for key posts like the Pm and President?

8. Should all parties and prominent politicians be made to pay Income Tax gift tax etc and their returns automatically scrutinized by an independent credible body under Supreme court monitoring.

tell me what u think …


2 thoughts on “Is Democracy Casualty of Coalition Politics?

  1. one thing is sure.. outside support is undemocratic….
    yu are elected either to execute/implement the policies you promised…. or sit in opposition and keep government in check.. there is no sitting on the fence and enjoying fruits of power with no responsibility.

  2. After 1967 General elections when the Congress Party lost its power in a number of States, it became reasonably clear that the days of single party government were numbered. Coalition politics has its own positive advantages like decentralization of power and accommodation of diverse views. But, our politicians used it to safeguard their vested political interests and to blackmail each other in the coalition. In India, politicians introduced two types of `support to govt’. One, being partner in the ruling govt. and another that is staying out of the govt. but enjoying all fruits of the power. Both types of disease have caused impairment to the Democracy, they ensure political instability prevails. The first type ensures that allies keep fighting in between and the second ensures blackmail game goes on. At the state level, there is a cure-imposition of Presidential rule; but there are more chances of misuse of this power by State governors in their recommendations, as it happened so frequent in Goa and Zharkhand. At the Centre, political instability is most detrimental to democracy as there is no constitutional cure available. We watched how Jaylalita withdrew support of Vajpayee’s coalition govt to cause re-elections. We have been watching how Left parties blackmailing UPA govt. since its formation. We cannot forget that all this has been made happening by politicians by taking disadvantages of the constitutional flaws. No country in this world has perfect political system and constitution and so we do not have either. Unless our elected leaders do not block these constitutional blocks, likes of Mayawati, Jaylalita and the Gowdas will stay in power irrespective of their being elected by us.

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