Tuning In to DTH.

As things go right now, free ku band tv India means u have to tune into two satellites, INSAT 4B at 93.5*E for DD Direct and NSS AT 95*E for Fta channels on Zee dish tv. Ok there is Edusat too but seriously it is not for entertainment. Aligning the Dish First u got to install the dish correctly so that it lines up with the satellite at the correct Azimuth and Elevation according to the place u live in. If ur a techie u might manage but it is best left to the professional who has equipment like a signal meter to speed up the process. Softwares like SAA or sites like Dishpointer are definitely useful for the DIY folk. One can align the dish with a compass, while keeping the set top box on the signal strength indicator. For DD Direct you have to align with INSAT 4B at 93.5*E AZIMUTH and then bother about the elevation. For both DD and NSS 6 I guess the best thing to do is center the dish antenna at around 94*E azimuth in between both to satellites such that the signal loss for both satellites is proportional but not too high, but the strength is still good enough so that u can tune to both satellites at the same time with minimum signal loss.The only negative would be complete loss of signal during heavy rains etc. Tuning ur STB to receive channels A simple way would be to do a complete or full Auto scan on ur receiver so as to get all channels if your dish is perfectly aligned. Settings being : Mode : Free+ encrypted(will also catch zee channels which though blanked out might just be fta sometimes depending on the whims of dish tv), lnb frequency 9750 , keep 22k off, Diseq off (that is if u havent hooked it to a diseq switch) rescan again with 22k on This should give u all the fta channels both on nss and insat. By transponder for dd 1. Satellite Name: a) Go to Installation menu or setup Programme from remote. b) Select Satellite Edit menu/ Add New Satellite menu. c) Select Sat Name Edit menu/ Enter Satellite Name as INSAT- 4B. d) Enter Satellite Longitude as 93.5o E and Exit 2. LNB Configuration a) Go to LNB Configuration menu. Ensure that satellite selected is INSAT- 4B only. b) Set LNB Types as Universal. c) Set LNB Power on.  Press Exit 3. Transponder (TP) Edit: a) Go to Transponder Edit menu. Ensure that satellite selected is INSAT- 4B. b) Select Add New TP menu. c) Enter TP Frequency as 10990 MHz. d) Select Symbol rate as 27500 ksps. e) Select Polarization as Vertical. f) Select Scan as FTA. g) Press OK. h) ‘22K’ OFF* i) ‘Disc. Equal’. Off After filling the above values Go to ‘search’ Press ‘OK’ For individual parameters try searching either Lyngsat or SatcodX which give all the latest details because many a times the networks can change frequencies. Click FOR CHKG NEW CHANNELS AND CHANGES CLICK FOR ALL FREE CHANELS IN INDIA FREE LIST link. CLICK FOR ALL NSS 6 CHANNELS LIST NSS6 CLICK FOR ALL DD DIRECT CHANNELS LIST INSAT 4B   U can get the Pvt Channels list here.


110 thoughts on “Tuning In to DTH.

  1. When i have purchase DD Direct Plus I was happy because we could not pay for cable Operater. But now I am Having DD Direct Plus free channels and i am having Cable channels . but i like to see cable only not DD Direct Plus DTH. They tould that we are launching soon many more channels. I think they are quiting the leading channels from the list. The important TV channels like BBC, Headlines today is more important English channels and to learn how to speak English. But DD Direct Plus DTH quit those channels i am worrying about that. And waiting to get those channels.

    And my main request is to increase more good channels

    Best Regards

    ive heard it a thousand times now
    hey im a disgruntled consumer too god knows if we can go to consumer court against prasar bharati for breach of trust as the dth bill is paid by taxpayer ! u raised a vital point rural people wanting to improve english spkg thru news channels

  2. I want to know how to tune Aakash Bangla in DTH. We are getting the picture without sound. Kindly help me.

    Prof. S. K. Dolui
    Tezpur University
    Napaam, Tezpur-784028

    details are
    12595 V 40700

    SID-VPID 32036 3781 Audio 3782 Ben

  3. Hello PRAX ! Thanx for your work. Can u please give here the latest details of all the fta channels available at NSS6. It will very helpful for us. And it is suitable for ur post also. Please !

    chk out lyngsat nss6

  4. Iam not getting aajtak on dth, is it if air, but signals are coming, but no picture…..

    when it has been encrypted by zee people u wont get the picture

  5. how to get TV9 FTA channel as i have purchased DTH dish in which the TV9 channel is not coming. please help me how to get it in DTH as FTA

  6. my DTH is connected to PC throuh External TV tuner.
    but it shows contineous scrolling strips of dotted line.
    please anyone can suggest a solution to remove problem.

  7. It shall be greatly appreciated if someone could help to “how to get Insat4A channels in a Dish at 83 deg.
    Thks in advance.

    it has only c band channels open/fta, ull need a 16 foot cband dish
    else the rest is TATA SKY buy their package and they will install it for u


  9. Can I get DD DTH INSAT 4B and NSS6 channels simultaneously? Kindly send me the procedure. I have a DD DTH and I want to view Aakash Bangla also.

    What is the size of the dish u have ?
    generally as both satellites are so close by u can get both signals u have only to do a full scan
    but note that the second satellite ie nss 6 signal will be weaker , and to amplify it u might need a bigger dish if
    the current one is tiny say a 15 inch one
    read tuning inpost

  10. Thank you very much for the post in a very nice way. I have gone through the tuning inpost and enhanced my knowledge base. I am not a techie. But it is difficult to get a good professional in this regard. I’ll try.

    I have a small dish, and I might have to wait for the cahnnel to come to INSAT 4B. Is there any chance of this channel or any other Bengali channel to come to DD DTH Bouquet?

  11. respected sir/madam

    I am sachin mehra from pathankot . sir plz send me all new frequency rate for my dth direct+

    Thank you sir.

  12. Hi Everybody,

    A new Korean Child Entertainment Channel KBS World added in DD Direct Plus. It replace Test 12 Channel. I think it is not necessary for us. Please add some Bengali & Hindi entertainment & news Channel to favorites DD direct plus. Right now, there is no Bengali private channel in DD DTH.

  13. Iam not getting aajtak on dth, is it if air, but signals are coming, but no picture…..

    Lnb frequency
    tp frequency

  14. please give simple method for tunning frq so any person can change frq and watch more channel from your network pls give me reply on my mail id

  15. hi
    i am user dht
    ihave all 40 chanels
    but dd plus in 65 chanels
    i want this chanels dht and deffernts why ?
    iwhich code no moke in this dht





    abhay astik

  17. dear sir dd direct + include or not including in lasi aruvi channel . please sir only for tamil music channel in lsai aruvi please including

  18. i am using bravo 5000 digital 5000 set top box and how i can change the initial set parameters for NSS 6 to insat 4B for DTH the set top box can be connected to my computer using rs -232 serial port but my computer does not regogonise pl help

  19. I have a 100 cm dish for DD direct. On adjusting the dish, the maximum “Signal quality” acheived is only about 43% and “Signal power” is about 91%.

    Is there any way to increase “Signal quality”, as the transmission quality suffers and stops when the quality some times go below 37%?

    I understand that the “Signal quality” usually acheived is above 75%. Is it true?

    I stay in KanjurMarg, Mumbai and the dish is placed on the window sill. Can some one clarify and suggest a suitable method to improve signal reception.

    Thanks in advance.

    Sitaram Dixit

    1. Sitaram signal strength of 91 % is good so no cable faults
      u havent alligned the dish accurately
      u need to tune the dish much more accurately as 41% is low , also move the lnb round its axis and see which point u get an increase in signal

    1. im achieving above 70% but generally also depends upon the lnb and box but anything above 55% is viewable most often but the best is 75 up

  20. sir, mere dth se simle & star utav schannel chala gaya hai krupaya use set karneka tarika bataye

  21. Please tune 11570 V 27500 frequency, you will get all the 10 channels of this frequency including Star Utsab, Zee Smile

  22. During the last 10 – 15 days channels downloaded through transponder frequency 11570 , signal quality intermittently gets dropped. The signal quality suddenly drops to about 12/13 % and then increases to 40-50%. During these changes the channels broadcasted cannot be viewed properly on TV. However all other channels are having no problems.

    Does any one else too have a similar problem or is it only in this specific case.

    Sitaram Dixit

  23. Tell us other TP’s signal strength. IF other TP have more than 60 % & in 11490 have more than 45% your dish setup is fine. 11490 is the weekest TP of DD Direct Plus

    Check your STB. Some time STB not functioned properly. Thats why we are loss signal.

  24. All other TP strangth is above 60% normally hovering between 61-65. TP 11490 is also above 60%. The problem is only with TP 11570 (Zee Smile, Star Utsav, Kalaichynar, Mega, Jaihind, B4U, etc., etc.,)

    1. Yes, Mr. Ranajit Koley
      I have same this problem on the same TP (11570). So please tell be what is the reason or low signal quality on this TP. I am living NCR Delhi (Ghaziabad).

  25. Mr. Singh,

    In DD Direct Plus Strongest TP is 11090 V 27500 & Weakest TP is 11490 V 27500. Here you mentioned you faced week signal on 11570 V 27500. I Think if you properly tuned your dish you will solve this issue. If we arrange DD’s TP from strong to week, it will be as follows

    10990 V 27500 = 80% on 60 cm Dish
    11150 V 27500 = 74% on 60 cm Dish
    11070 V 27500 = 70% on 60 cm Dish
    11570 V 27500 = 64% on 60 cm Dish
    11490 V 27500 = 53% on 60 cm Dish

    This result came out from my experiments. % may vary by change of Place but list never vary. I think in NCR it will be more than me, means it will be increase.

    If you need any more help, you can contact me

  26. Dear Sir

    I have 130 cm dish which i purchased for dish tv
    now i have to change to insat 4b.
    allready i have insat 4b chanels.I tuned the dish from dish tv to insat 4b.I am geting quality at 11090 v 27500 but those insat 4 b chanels are not runing and dish tv chanle dish intractive is runing.
    plz advice me what should i do.
    thanks advance

  27. l want to kalaingar tv on nss6 on nss6 indai sai
    low list channel . l like want to 6 tamil channel on
    nss6 ? inset4b coverage not after 2.00pm on srilanka? but nss6 full 24 hours coverage but
    not see makkal and tamillan etc channel after 2.00pm from inset4B this problem have ehthenic ?
    l am waiting sri lanka and india very partnerzip country
    thank you…

  28. Dear Fasmi,
    I dont know why you facing No signal issue after 2 PM, I think its occure from your site, If signal come once it will give you whole 24 hour, try to make increse of your dish, you will be get Makkal TV. If you like all FTA Tamil channels please buy a 6 ft Dish & enjoy it for free

    One thing I also like Eye TV, But I did not get it. Because Eye TV Left ST 1 & Protostar 1 Satellite. ANy way its a bad luck for cricket lover 🙂

  29. pls add suntv or jayatv in dddth why long long long long years late dddirect only ddchannels no future in other channels ?

  30. Can we increase the dish antenna signal strength by using an amplifier. If yes which type is to be used for this purpose ? How to attach it and use the same ? Can any one answer? Thanks

  31. Sir/Medam I am using a big t.v’s LNB & dish but the set top box is ordinary one.My request is that is it possible to used the big t.v’s set top box for viewing the India dth channels and suggest me for viewing the others foreign free channels with frequencies and installation procedure etc. I well come your suggestion. Thanks !

  32. What is frequency of PTC PUNJABI PTC CHAK DE DISCOVERY TEN SPORTS FOR DTH pls post frequency for india only

  33. can you tell me meaning of Trans Freq…. and in my DTH LNB Freq has two boxes for entring freq…. so what that mean can any one say me… plz;

  34. When i have purchase DD Direct Plus I was happy because we could not pay for cable Operater. But now I am Having DD Direct Plus free channels and i am having Cable channels . They tould that we are launching soon many more channels. I think they are quiting the leading channels from the list. Bengali channels and news channels . But DD Direct Plus DTH quit those channels i am worrying about that. And waiting to get those channels.

    And my main request is to increase more good channels

    Best Regards

    Satyahari Manna

  35. Please send me all dth fta chennals name with frequency

    and Set Top Box Tuning Process (with frequency , symbolrate).

  36. Dear Sir,

    I have Dish Tv’s dish with LNB and i bought Sky’s setup box , but when i had connected to TV, i am not getting the signals beyound 5 %, if i go to any channel it says no signal… please help….

  37. Dear sir, I have free dth set of box name as calvine. my all setup of the box is deleted. So, please give us the setting data’s as LNB, frequency, symbol rate, etc at patna(Bihar) India.

  38. Ranajit Kole a smugglar of Chines electronics item like Digital Receiver ,Dish Antenna ….satellite item ,He lives in Howrah ,West Bengal …be careful everybody

  39. would any body inform me… how can set signal of airtel by DD direct receiver … please give me frequency and symbol rate… and procedure…. plz plz…

  40. would any body inform me… how can set signal of airtel by
    DD direct receiver … please give me frequency and symbol
    rate… and procedure…. plz plz…
    when i call a dish engineer, then he add a chanel in my dd
    direct receiver and input some frequency after he connected
    it to airtel umbrellabut didn’t told me for his business
    policy, if anyboy know please inform me….

  41. Sir,
    I have dth receiver (free dish) i have faced some problem in it .when i try to serch channels it only show 10channels .radio list also show empty please help.


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