On Karunanidhis Hunger strike.

The Cm of TN Karunadhi, sat on hunger strike yesterday alongwith PMK’s S Ramadoss, Congress’s GK Vasan and CPI’s D Raja. While it is not clear whether he was reacting to the SC’s annoyance, Karunanidhi suddenly had a change of heart and left within minutes..

Net result being shops had their shutters down, buses were off the road and dmK cadres roamed the streets declaring a total bandh. Attendance in state government offices was near zero.26 flights were canceled and more than 3,500 passengers were left stranded… Toi

Was it a Super duper hit on Kalaingar TV or one more Cricket match that got the state to so shut down?

Suzy on Cnbc says “People first. Then money. Then things”.

The way Govts have been acting these days is Politics (politicians) first, then political lobby s then money and totally forgetting about the aam admi or secular Indian.

Supreme court of India finally did what the politicians have long forgotten! Thought about the plight of the office going tax paying citizen, instead of petty politics.

The bench of acting Chief Justice B N Aggarwal and Justice P Sathasivam said “If there is no compliance with our order, it is complete breakdown of Constitutional machinery. If this is the condition, we might then have to direct the Government to impose President’s rule in the state,”

The Best reporting was by the Express and BS
HT gave an account of Baalus and Ks tiff with the court.

Chindu however followed the party line with th Headline Judge’s outburst against DMK government , thus indirectly batting for the dmK, and harping the judicial encroachment line of the party and Comrade general Karat and Comrade Yechuary.

I&B Minister P R Dasmunsi however totally censored the shutdown part of news by saying that the CM’s fast does not violate the court order!

”He’s fasting today not in defiance of court but to go on path and principles of Mahatma Gandhi,” said Priyaranjan Dasmunshi, I & B Minister. Ndtv

As per news reports the shutdown.. oops bhook hartal is also being followed by tamils in mumbai if u were to take the ministers statment at face value … and this one has no connection with the Sena.


One thought on “On Karunanidhis Hunger strike.

  1. I was wondering can Supreme Court take a suo moto cognizance of the offence caused or it shall wait for a contempt to court appeal!

    welcome to my blog
    yes they can but the kind of confrontation they are having with the UPA they would prefer the indirect route

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