Indias war on terror a non starter!

The Home minister, the **mard Maratha- Shivraj Patil, says intelligence agencies of states were not strong and adequate enough to meet the challenges of terrorism.

In an Unrelated event people protested the choice of UPA chief Sonia Gadhi as a representative of India. She was there to preach Gandhian Values and Non Violence, values she rarely practices in life or politics.

Read Pragmatic, Rambodoc and Sarin for a dose on Gandhi

We all know how we are, be it Congress or the Communists in dealing with terrorists engineers and doctors .

This statement show how sincere our Home minister and Central UPa Govt is on the war on terror when they openly and without shame make such remarks. Read pieces by Yosssarin and Intellibriefs.

I wonder – Why not invite ISI or seek their assistance to deal with the terrorists ? They sure are competent with all their experience like running the Afghan war in proxy and creating the Taliban with a one eyed one legged talib Mullah Omar and taking over kabul – plus dont forget helping creat all the agencies oops freedom fighters like JEM LET HUJI IUC … havent i heard it before from some politician? Maybe just maybe it might work… if not it will certainly give them the last mile advantage..

On being unfit i have a few more to add to the list…

Intelligence Agencies – NSA, RAW, ARC , IB , Defence Intelligence , Police – Plain Unfit if u go by the words of the Home minister…

CBI and Chief Vijay Shanker : Unfit to investigate cases against Q and ministers or the family members of the UPA alliance charged for corruption and murder. For that matter looking at the conviction rate in most cases they investigated including Matoo and loads of other cases … they are simply unfit .

Home minister Shivraj Patil – Unfit to run the ministry, fit to act as Flight purser to the Esteemed Sooniajee and extra fit to run day to day affairs of 10 Janpath .

MOS home Prakash Jaiswal
Unfit for office but fit for doling out sound bytes especially if they are for praising the first family and its scion

Super Prime minister Sonia Gandhi : Unfit in speaking any Indian language correctly including English or make an impromptu political speech or talk to Unfavorable media or most media. Unfit to run for Lok sabha from an Unsafe seat other than likes of Amethi and Rai Bareli and somewhere in Karnataka. Competent to make Nach baliye style dramatic Supreme Sacrifices and run the govt from outside.

Prime minister Man : Unfit to run for Lok sabha from home state Punjab , make decisions without asking Super Pm , or be taken seriously by most UPa partners let alone the Opposition or the Aam admi. Fit to be an intellectual and a teacher.

Law Minister : Unfit for office from his handling the Q case and most others like that of Fodder scam, Bihar etc.

Agri Minister Sharad Pawar : Unfit to hold Office thanks to him being on vacation most of the time, for the farmer suicides in Vidharbha and for the Import of wheat and rising price of Onions. Fit to Rule BCCi and ICC.

Defence Minister :Sometimes unfit to make intelligent remarks. Fit to be bongling bongalee of UPa for his use of words like bongling in parliament during the Uti 64 crises and be Man Friday of the UPa and its Chief .

ED / Income tax : Unfit to investigate stud farm owner Hasan Ali having contacts in high places especially if they are in the Mantralaya. must read Telegraph.

Fm Chidambaram : Fit to Introduce new taxes and increase their ambit to do window dressing to show a very excellent budget, to target the small taxpayer by increasing scrutiny norms while letting the big fish investing through Pns to do business legally and to complicate tax forms and accounting norms.

Oil minister :Fit to ruin state run oil cos by replacing good Cmds like Subir Raha with yes men and by not compensating ONGC HPCL BPCL adequately or on time against the oil subsidy burden and indirectly benefiting Reliance.

The list can go on and include most parliamentarians from all parties and people holding office but due to limited time im stopping here.

Lastly the State of Gujrat has a rather decent record in dealing with terrorists, so how about replacing Modi instead of Patil as Home minister? … ok that is a non starter… Well why not the vociferous Renuka Chaudhary or even Laloo now that he has shown his competence in Rail Bhavan.

One thought on “Indias war on terror a non starter!

  1. Your political knowledge seems pretty deep. In fact, this is something I have noticed even before. No wonder you are able to see the larger picture many are unable to…

    hi doc ur an early riser !
    Naa not really that deep, i read a lot- but getting ur appreciation is rather flattering

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