Internet revolution in India?

These days it is fairly common to get a Broadband net connection in any big city or town in India, and home connections at 256 kbps are becoming commonplace and replacing dialups in the Metro cities.

Thanks to the telecom revolution and allowing of Private Telecom Operators like Reliance and Airtel, Mumbaikars have seen an amazing transformation in terms of quality and service provided by the ex-monopoly Psu, MTNL something that is astonishing considering the hell u had to go through 10yrs back, just to get a basic Pstn line. Mtnl is now giving a 2mb line, and has become so popular nowadays that there is a waiting list for broadband connections(ok their upload speed sucks due to a 256kb cap) .The Pvt sector is hot on its heals and Airtel has announced a 2 to 8mb connection.

Sadly due to govt policy and lack of profitability for private players the penetration of private cos is much lower in small towns and rural areas still dominated by the govt mega giant BSNL.

Overall if u see, India is far far behind if u compare it with China
162,000,000 Internet users as of June/07, 12.3% penetration, per CNNIC
48,500,000 broadband Internet connections as of Jun/07 per M.I.I.
60,000,000 Internet users as of Sept/07, 5.3% penetration, per ITU. 2,520,000 broadband Internet connections as of Sept.30/07, per IWS
Data from IWS

But things are changing- aibit slowly. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is now providing bundled 256 kb lines in some places, and in certain big towns it is providing tripple play lines that provide Internet , Iptv both on tv and computer and has announced its Bharat Sanchar Nigam ‘TV in mobile handset’ service in some parts of the country. Lets see if they can really keep their promises and be considered as a robust and reliable service provider….or just make announcements to keep the statistics rolling and Politicians of Sanchar Bhavan happy.

Soon a time might just come when u will get broadband but no electricity to power it !


5 thoughts on “Internet revolution in India?

  1. From roti-kapda-makhan se…mobile-entertainment(tv)-internet thak…

    hi there welcome to my blog
    Roti kapda and makan r gettin more expensive these days not the net!

  2. Nice post.
    You are right. Although thanks to internet, i can now regularly keep in touch with my family (thanks to skype) but the problem now as you say is electricity cuts, hope that will be resolved soon.

  3. Dear Sir
    Can u please tell how i can use my Dataone BSNL Broadband ( Home Unlimited) at my shop where i have limited plan? BSNL people says the port is binded and only one telephone number can use one connection…..Means i can use my home connection at my home and shop connection at shop…..Can u tell me any solution for using my password anywhere?

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