Lessons from Turkey?

Just reading this article from the times.

Turkey is a Secular muslim country and one of the most secular, in the Islamic world.History tells us that the Ottoman turks were the ones that took Islam to the Gates of Vienna. They were the most modern of Muslims then and things haven’t changed that much now.

Mr Erdogan said “If a neighboring country is providing a safe haven for terrorism . . . we have rights under international law and we will use those rights and we don’t have to get permission from anybody.”

Military action could be avoided only if the Americans and Iraqis expelled the PKK, closed its camps and handed over its leaders, he said.

Mr Erdogan said that last week’s parliamentary vote authorising military action showed that Turkey’s patience was exhausted. He would not be drawn on the scale or timing of any operation, but Turkey is thought to have more than 60,000 soldiers massed along the Iraq border. Other Turkish officials said that the PKK had six training camps and 3,500 fighters in the mountains of northern Iraq.

The Kurdish strife is another continuing saga stemming from the splitting up of the Kurdish heartland during the division of the old Turk empire after the WW2  wherein the Allies divided the Old Turkish empire in such a manner that things would keep on sweltering underneath and the new nations would be kept busy among each other rather than become a power that could threaten their hegemony, just  as the British did out of Undivided India.

Doesnt it ring a bell?Doesnt it bring Jnk to ur mind. There are a lot of lessons to be learnt from the outcome of this battle for India.


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