Configuring Mtnl Mumbai Triband on Dlink 502t

Configuring MTNL Triband on Dlink modems is easy aibit if u can put in the settings right.

First get the line isolation right by attaching the direct line without any parallel instruments and connections to the LINE on the pots splitter or GLB adsl router.

Phone line >> Pots splitter/Glb line>> to Phone connections

Australian old model DSL502T (click for detailed setup by socrates)

In Interent explorer : >> login and pass admin >> Run Wizard >>

configure the Time Zone +5.30 hrs and click on Next>>

Internet connection type :select ‘PPPoE/PPPoA’ and click on Next >>

Username -Your Tel No (note new connections have @a added to them)

Password (your CA number, Customer Identification number). This available on your tel bill.

VPI 0 VCI 32 Connection type PPPoELLC. Click Next and Restart.

U should be done.

When the modem restarts, try and access a site like google.

If not then login again or refresh and in Wan Chk if PVC is PVC0

If not make it PVC0 and Apply changes and goto

TOOLS >> SYSTEM scroll down & click on the ‘Save & Reboot’ button

Once restarted u can login again and click on Status: Device Info to see if ur status is connected or not. Simpler thing would be to try and access a site like google.


In Control Panel >> Network Connections >> Local Area Connection

Right click >> Properties and double click on the checked item

“Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

Click on “Use the following IP Address” and give it the following values:

IP Address:; Subnet Mask:; Default Gateway:

and click OK.

Try cmd Enter then ping and chk if response is 100%.

U should be connected to the router now and the lan light should be lit up.

To setup MTNL

In Interent explorer : >> username and pass is admin

In Setup under WAN setup click on “New Connection”

Connection Name: Mtnl (anything u choose)


Sharing Enabled in old mtnl servers / Disabled in @a servers

VPI 0 VCI 32

Username -Your Tel No (note new connections have @a added to them)

Password (your CA number, Customer Identification number). This available on your tel bill.

click on Apply and in Tools click the first option on the left and Save All.

U should be done with the settings, when the router restarts u should get the pppoe light to start in about 5 seconds max , after the adsl lights up .

Mtnl helpline 1504 >>> 2 assistance 3 online help (free in mornings)

admin server

Hope that will help


8 thoughts on “Configuring Mtnl Mumbai Triband on Dlink 502t

  1. First 2 months triband worked at grate speed but last one month the triband serivce is very very bad. My triband is not working atall with NIL speed. To open any site it takes 10 mts or not open atall. Gmails opens but could not read any email. After repeated complaints also the speed of triband is not increase. Every time I complaint, next day I receive call from you but no improvement in speed. This is the reason that people are shifting to other services than MTNL.

    mr bodas
    1. this is a blog not mtnl site so we r separate entities i just commented on it
    2. i dont have many problems with mtnl , but sometimes it is bad , this happens with all services in india
    3. u may be having configuration / settings problem where do u live?
    4. try calling 1504 and 3 live help whatever they can sort ur problems
    5. try chkg with ur friends / neighbors if only u have problems and others dont
    borrow another persons router and chk

  2. Hi,
    Vivek, It seems to be a Line problem, Check the signal strength (values in db) in Status page. ADSL should always show green colour in status page.

    If it’s not green, contact MTNL to change your telephone wires, or you can consult any good electrician for that.

    I had this type of experience twice.

  3. Hello!

    It has been almost three months that my Triband has not been working. After about five to seven minutes of using the internet, all the four lights become steady and internet becomes inaccessable.

    After a number of complaints to MTNL it has now come to light that there is a problem with the Router itself. MTNL provided mw with another Router with which the Broadband is working perfectly. Hence the problem lies with the Router itself.

    This Router (model no. GLB 502T) was purchased in the month of Jul 2007. I am sure it is under warranty period, therefore kindly let me know how it can be repaired or replaced. I believe there is a D-Link Technical Support Cell or workshop in Andheri (East) from where this Modem can be repaired. Kindly let me know how to go about it, so that I can get my internet going at the earliest.

    Cdr Nalin Chopra
    E-1204, Jalvayu Vihar, Hiranandani gardens, Powai, Mumbai – 76


    Try or 1800 22 2002
    the router should have a 1 yr warrenty and their center is at andheri if im not istaken

  4. Hi guys this is prasad here ,
    if u have dlink router check wer its working properly or not quality of router is poor so u cant enjoy full speed of ur mtnl broadband service . speed of mtnl broadband is very good but , my router was not performing well so i replace it with new one . n i found dat watching stream videos is fun .

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