Gold ETF

Holding gold in commodities market and NCDEX is nearly impossible to small investors as the margins demanded are too high and volatility can be sharp, increasing risk.

There are now at least a half dozen gold mutual funds including etfs which one should think of adding to ones portfolio.

Im seriously thinking about it though the time doesn’t seem right as divali is round the corner and the speculators in the international mkts have already ramped up the prices, as it is well known that Indians are the largest consumers of the yellow metal.

My interest stems from the Dollar depreciation and turbulence well documented by Ila in her post The USD quagmire.

In other news, Ankur has a nice post on why the inflation is low even as the prices of all the essential commodities is skyrocketing. Ila explains it a lot better in The not so good news on inflation.

unrelated to all this, the book Deception: Pakistan, the United States and the Global Nuclear Weapons Conspiracy would definitely be a good read.

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