Indias Political ramblings

Are our elected politicians herding animals? Seems so from the fact that elected representatives of all parties need to be herded by their respective party heads, time and again and packed to a hill resort somewhere!(this however doesn’t apply to laloos rjd … he is a professional and genetic herder of cattle, him included)

In other news Mayawati was involved in theatrics. The way the ministers are using public funds these days makes me think that the nation is goin to the dogs …err buffaloes. Sadly gone r the days and the ethics of the likes of Tilak, Gandhi, Shastri and Patel.

If we have VAT all over India then why does Maharashtra and Mumbai BMC still enforce collection of Octroi? Does it not amount to double taxation? Is it to increase income of the corporation or of the officials collecting the said octroi including higherups going up right till the Mahsul mantri?


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