Bengaluru Flip Flop

Bengaluru politics has never been this interesting. Hearding politicians to hill stations, seems to have worked for the JDS for now. The change in climate seemed to have brought about a change in the attitude of some of the rebel MPs, who seem to have pulled the support rug from under  the feet of the Congress CM nominee, MP Prakash.

Its happening again, this time its time for the the Governor of Karnataka who is doin the flip flop. So finally the Madam certified Governor Thakur is doin a Deve Gowda (Gabbaaar) on the combine, buying time by goin to Delhi to seek the advise of the Madam(i didnt mean the PoI).

Surprisingly im also becoming a big fan of sify news for its somewhat balanced and improved reporting. Et has a rather confusing but interesting piece too.

In news unrelated the Tn don’s nominee at the centre seems to be in a bit of soup these days, as SC has finally woken up by issuing a notice for contempt.


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