Investing in IPOs

A few tips on IPO applications in the Indian stock mkts

Research ur IPOs, be informed about public and market mens opinions and be choosy about the ones u invest in. Invest on the second last day not the last one after analysing the subscription data, Dont trust the NSE which states close time of 5pm – most agencies stop accepting orders for online or offline ipo apps at 1pm or 3pm that too not uniformly on the last day. Nyways it becomes hopeless as they would debit funds but ur entry would mostly not count. Lastly make sure u get ur refunds on time.

Links NSE ipo site, Ankurs stock chat, Bullish indian

My iris is also a good site to chk stats .

ICRA has an ipo grading mechanism  link here,
CRISIL has one Here.


12 thoughts on “Investing in IPOs

  1. thanks for linking me…

    one more thing…. one has to research his/her IPO well… good IPOs are usually so much oversubscribed that even after putting 1L worth application, you are not sure if you will get even 6k worth of shares.
    but if you apply to one bad issue, you will not only get the full 1L allotment, but it will list below the issue price… hence wiping out all the profits you made in the previous 4-5 issues.

  2. Wasent that my first line? if i cant manage it i fall back on ur expertise,,, mite i say so?
    there is no harm in linking you as ur analysis are quite good !
    i never max out i invest somewhere in between say close to the max as it increases my odds of allotment …. maybe it is a placebo but it does work for me

  3. @prax…
    thats interesting…. i remember in shobha, i had put 1L application and got a complete refund, while one of my friend put in 13k and got 1 lot…. maybe next time i will try your formula 🙂

    unlike you docs, i am just a poor engineer who just now got a meager monthly paycheque of 24k and has no inheritance … so stock market is my way of making both ends meet.

  4. hey my position is worse than ankur !
    we talk a lot tat does count for little

    On oil invest in reliance or any foreign co
    the govt will ruin psu oil cos here and as u must have also realised the mkt here is skewed
    link please or is it in print

  5. i bought bharti, dhanush, saamay biotech and asian granites today… and i also gave the chat page a facelift by adding tables and links.
    but did u see how robust the market was.. inspite of the US market crashing yesterday the market held ground.

  6. honestly do u believe in that?
    market capitalization of indian stock market is more than a trillion dollars and FII investment is of the order of few 10s of billion dollars… rest of the money is indian (its a different story that most of this money is locked in promoter holdings… while FII money switches hands many times in a day)… but still they r a small force… the real force is the mutual funds and individual investors.

  7. agreed ur partially right no doubt but
    well fiis move the mkts and can move big money with relative ease and dont flinch while pushing the sell unlike Indians who are/were fickle and most of all Indians look at Fiis for direction thats why until there is broad based local holdings and scamsters are generally punished and the regulator develops teeth things wont change

  8. I am not commenting but listening to your conversation with keen interest. As a newbie, I want to soak in on all this. Do give me a shout if you write something else, too!

  9. FIIs rarely invest in a company which is not a blue chip.. and the volatility of these stocks is much lower than the rest. so I guess they only act as a stabilizing force.

    also i would be suspicious if all the FII acted in tandem… because in that case with their deep pockets they can really move the market.. but that has never happened…. FII consists of several fund houses and each has a motive of expanding the shareholder’s fortune and minimizing the risks. so we should stop being scared of them and welcome them as any other investor who brings sense to the market and provides liquidity.

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