Mumbai Indian railways ATVMs

There has been a lot of talk about modernising Mumbai Suburban rail network. Much of it has remained just that — Lots of talk but no or little action.

The Ministry of Railways in collaboration with Maharashtra government has taken steps to revamp the Mumbai Suburban Railway System through implementation of Multi-modal Mumbai Urban Transport Project (MUTP).MUTP phase-1 was sanctioned at a cost of Rs 3125.20 crores.

The new trains are coming but god alone knows when.

They are renovating the ticket counters but staff is still the same and the counters that are supposed to be open are never open most of the time and there is always rush here be it 8am or 9pm.

The railways has started with automatic ticket vending machines or ATVMs.


They are machines which automate ticket purchase using a prepaid card available at rail counters. I just got one and it kills the time wasted in lines for infrequent travelers, and the best thing about it is that it is transferable to anyone. The cost 50 rs deposit and recharge of 52, 100 etc for the card, recharges are valid upto 6 mths.



7 thoughts on “Mumbai Indian railways ATVMs

  1. well mumbai metro is just a poster project for the congress
    god even knows if the centre will allocate funds or seriously implement it, worse noone cares because unlike in other states people dont go stoning govt blds and burn trains busses to prove their point
    however much i despise such acts, they are rather effective
    sadly bihar has hijacked the rail mantralaya !
    whatever said and done at least gadkari got the expressways done!
    look at the issues and word duel between mmrda and bmc

  2. thats grt news..

    Railways started ticket punching scheme which was quite successful…this one even better..

    Need to check it out..which all stations is it installed?
    Also, I like the online reservation stared by the railways..they are doing pretty good compared to other “JAMAI” departments of India…like the BMC..MMRDA..

    Trains which used to get late by 10 hrs…15hrs are now on time..every year some new trains are added to existing routes..Fares are kept at marginal..and Railways making profit on luggages/goods…couldnt ask for more given the way indian government machinery functions…

    Laloo is taking his job seriously.ain’t he?
    hey nitin welcome to my blog

    it all depends on how u take it overloading tracks may be profitable in the short term but later on someone has to pay the cost of replacement
    nyways it is the irs people who use their brains not him

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